Portfolio If only I had kept them

I suppose many people who are reading this article have said exactly the same thing.

My brother and I not only passed down jumpers and boots but on occasions our cars. Steve is a bit older than me and as such was driving before me, when he traded up I too traded up to his old motor until I was in a position to go it alone.

We weren’t one make people, just whatever took our eye and we could afford.

If it were possible to have kept them all and tried to put a value on them at today’s prices I’m sure we would get a shock, probably a much higher return than any savings account!

Imagine.. our old MK2 Cortina 1600E, Riley Elf, MK3 2000E two Rover P6, one V8,  one a 2000sc, Alfa Romeos – not one but three of them!  Hillman Hunter GT, MK1 Mazda MX3, MK1 Astra GTE and that’s not the full list.

I just don’t let it get to me and spoil the day!

Submitted by: Peter Walker

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