In September 2019 we reported on a unique collection of Humber’s coming to the market. The collection was a result of a lifetime’s work by Allan Marshall. Read on for a remarkable update.

​Many of us feared the one-off assemblage of cars and memorabilia would be broken up, with individual items scattered to the four corners of goodness knows where.

Why the anxiety? Within the accumulation of cars assembled by Allan were cars of outstanding historic value. The following is just a small snapshot,

A 1955 Mk IV Super Snipe which took centre place at the Earls Court Motor Show.

Another Mk IV Snipe involved the late Sir Stirling Moss, how much has that car’s value increased?

Humber Super Snipe Mk III

The impressive 1951 Imperial Landaulette was purpose built for King George VI. A year later in 1952 The Queen Mother had her hands on a Super Snipe Mk III.

Arguably the star of the amassed motors is a 1932 Snipe 80, owned by Edward and Mrs Wallis Simpson.

The list of cars reads like a who’s who of great British motoring history, surely it couldn’t be broken up after all this time and hard work?

In May this year, the entire collection was offered for sale, via closed bids. The auctioneer received numerous offers on many of the individual items. However, Allan was keen to try and keep his life’s work together. He was said to be “delighted” when an offer of £180,000 for the entire collection came in from one bidder, which he readily accepted.

The winning bidder is reported to come from the East Midlands area and it is hoped the entire collection can be set up in a new home in Nottingham.

Humber Velocipede

​A fitting end to the story. It was where blacksmith Thomas Humber built his first velocipede, way back in 1868.

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