1947 Jaguar Mk IV

COLOURMaroon & Black
INTERIORBrown Leather

1947 Jaguar Mk IV

  • BUY IT NOW FOR £18,000
  • Historically important classic
  • 1823cc engine – believed to be original
  • 12 year ownership
  • Used regularly
  • Attendee of numerous shows in England & France
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  • BUY IT NOW FOR £18,000
  • Historically important classic
  • 1823cc engine – believed to be original
  • 12 year ownership
  • Used regularly
  • Attendee of numerous shows in England & France


It is hard to imagine today that Jaguar, founded by William Lyons, started life as Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, based in a small factory in Blackpool. Lyons soon expanded into cars, producing bespoke bodies to sit on Austin Seven chassis.

This little side-line turned mainstream, becoming incredibly popular. Lyons moved to bigger premises and built cars under the SS brand name

The very first SS (Jaguar) was the SS 1.5 litre, built in 1935. As the 1930s drew to a close, upgrades were made to the very popular 1.5. In 1939 everything changed with the outbreak of WWII.

Not surprisingly, once the war had ended any association with SS was dropped. The Jaguar brand was born. The 1.5’s became the Jaguar Mk IV. Jaguar’s first production vehicle.

Around 10,000 1.5’s were made, very few survive. Here is a rare and original survivor of an historically important classic at an historical period in British motor manufacturing history.


  • Wire wheels
  • Black over red coachwork
  • Driving lamps
  • Reverse opening rear doors
  • Louvred bonnet

The Jaguar Mk IV is made up of flowing lines and sweeping curves. It was the epitome of British design.

The centrepiece of the magnificent design has to be the impressive upright grille flanked by two enormous free-standing globes that double up as headlamps.

The authentic colour combination on the coachwork reflects the period. Pre-war vehicles were typically finished in more sombre monotones. The post-war Jaguars were available in striking two-tones. This gave the Jaguar a fresh look. This Jaguar Mk IV has a rare steel sunroof fitted too. Before our vendors ownership, the sun roof was sealed closed.

The masses of chrome on the Jaguar Mk IV appears to be of a good standard. But put that in context, please. This is a 75 year old classic. Of course, common sense would tell us it’s not new and it has age related blemishes that are typical. Sadly, sense isn’t always common, so we do have to spell it out, sometimes.

We should also point out, because the vendor has with their images, there are the typical areas of bubbling along certain panel edges, again entirely in keeping with a classic of this period.

In the opinion of our vendor, the chrome, bodywork and general condition is “good.


Classics of this period have one thing in common. They were built to a last. Lyons wanted to take the Jaguar name upmarket and went heavy on quality.

  • Authentic materials
  • Plenty of wood and leather
  • With quality craftmanship

Take a look in the Gallery and judge for yourself if he manged to succeed in his aim. The fact that it still remains in its intact original condition speaks volumes.

The interior is definitely in keeping with a 75 year old classic. But it looks all the better for it. This is classic that has not been restored to within an inch of life taking away all the character and reducing it to a ‘new’ car.

  • The headlining is not sagging flopping or torn to pieces – this was replaced before our vendor’s ownership
  • The original three quarter leather door cards are in place, along with the chrome fittings and wood upper sections
  • Original Steering wheel
  • The original front and rear seat are clearly careworn after 75 years of use. The sumptuous leather was originally packed with wool. We’d lay a small wager its still there?
  • The light tan floor covering could be a newer addition

It all looks period and in keeping with the grand old Duchess aging gracefully. It would be a huge mistake to inject a massive dose of Botox into the Duchess. It would just look weird, in our view. Leave well alone. Enjoy an important motoring icon would be our advice.

The vendor has advised us that the rev counter stopped operating about two years ago.


The Mk IV Jaguars were a small dynasty covering the 1.5, 2.5, and finally the 3.5 litre. The latter two models were almost identical. The early 1.5 stood out and was in many ways unique, which again makes it an important classic.

The 1.5s were first fitted with 1608cc side valve engine Later on, the Mk IV 1.5 engine was improved to the 1776cc overhead-valve unit from the Standard Motor Company. They also supplied the gearbox. As per DVLA and HPI data, this car has an 1823cc engine – it’s believed to be original.

Very early models built under the SS (Jaguar) name were constructed on traditional steel on wood method. That changed to all steel.

Performance was good. 70 mph was just possible. Our vendor tells us he wouldn’t do 70mph today, well maybe downhill etc. But he does say it will cruise happily at 50 for long periods.

This is not a classic to charge about in. This is a classic to waft in.

Our view

  • A piece of classic car history.
  • The first Jaguar branded classic car
  • Extremely authentic

This classic Jag is in ready to use condition.  Our enthusiast husband and wife vendor team use it regularly. It previously resided in the Brittany area of France. The car has recently been driven back from Brittany to Devon. That says a great deal about this classic Jag. Please note that our vendor advises that the tyres are showing some signs of splitting so they will need to be replaced.

As per our vendors “It is fitted with the 4 speed box, it is very comfy, has very good brakes, Has been garaged during our ownership. It is very majestic to drive – we’ve done a good few weddings in it… it turns heads everywhere it goes!”

These Jaguar Mk IV’s do not come around that often. This is an opportunity for any Jaguar enthusiast or collector looking to expand or begin their collection. You will kick yourself if you miss this rare car.


Vehicle Location: Devon TQ13 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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