1957 Volkswagen Beetle *Sold £12,500*

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1957 Volkswagen Beetle *Sold £12,500*

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  • A rare oval window model
  • Fully restored
  • A focus on originality
  • File of invoices
  • Part of a major private collection
  • This 1957 Volkswagen Beetle sold for £12,500
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  • A rare oval window model
  • Documented photographic restoration
  • A focus on originality
  • File of invoices
  • Part of a major private collection


  • Full body off restoration
  • Engine removed, stripped and rebuilt
  • Full interior overhaul
  • Mechanicals checked and overhauled

Our collector has networks of contacts in the USA, Australia and elsewhere. Knowing how hard these Oval Volkswagen Beetles are to find, when a friend from New South Wales called him and told him about this classic Volkswagen Beetle, he didn’t hesitate. He explained to us, “I didn’t mess about, I immediately said to him, I’ll buy it now and I transferred the funds”.

About this classic Oval Beetle

There are over 100 images in our files. These show the Volkswagen Beetle in various stages; as it was when it arrived in the UK; the Beetle being assessed, inspected and dismantled; during repair;  being put together and finally the amazing end result.

We’ve posted as many pictures as we can in the gallery and we have a good few more. We have been lucky enough to inspect this Beetle, so, if there are any questions you have for us, let us know and we’ll be pleased to answer them.

That photographic history tells the story much better than any words we can pull together in a short article. We’ll just pull out some of the headlines for you.


This classic 1957 Volkswagen Beetle landed in the UK around 2013/4.

Once an initial assessment was carried out, systematically, the Beetle was taken apart. All the outer body panels were removed to reveal, as you can see, a fundamentally solid oval Beetle.  The body was then removed which left a rolling chassis. All of that was then transported off to be carefully media blasted. The results of that, you can see from the images.


Taking into account, all the usual risky areas such as inner wings and flitch panels, the Beetle was in solid condition. The decision was taken to thoughtfully restore this very rare survivor.

An overhaul was undertaken on the entire braking system; linings, wheel cylinders, hoses, anything that needed doing was done.

While the engine was out, it engine was dismantled and checked. There was no ‘end movement at all”. The valves were re seated, a new gasket and seal kit installed, complete new clutch kit, new plug leads, plugs, points along with all the tinware. The carburettor was overhauled and fitted with a new jets and a gasket kit. Aswell as the main video, we have an additional one of the engine running HERE

It is great to see unique features like the original ‘oil bath’ air filter have been retained.

Being a rare oval window Beetle, the restoration team decided the emphasis should be originality wherever possible.

When the focus turned to re-constructing the accent on keeping original panels was important. Once all the panels were free from years of paint and weathering by the Australian sun,  it was clear all were in decent enough condition. Please pop over to the image gallery and see for yourself.

It then became a matter of thoughtfully and considerately preparing all these panels for paint work. Inside, the boot, engine bay, the interior even the original five stud wheels have received the same quality workmanship as the exterior panels. It is rare we see this level of detail.

Once the paint work was complete it was time to rebuild the classic oval. Here again we see considerable time and thought has been give to the refit.

Quality sound deadening felt has been affixed to the inside of the exterior panels. This may seem obvious and not very noteworthy but it is innocuous details like this that make the difference. You’ll be surprised at the amount of restorations that overlook these important small items which go to make the finished driving experience a hundred times more enjoyable. That is just one example of the attention to detail that has gone in to restoring this classic Volkswagen Beetle.

To get the balance right between over-restoring, where possible, perfectly good serviceable items have been refitted. For example, original window rubbers, chrome opening quarter windows, door handles with scuff plates, have all been put back on again. Doing so retains the originality and ‘old car feel’ which anyone will tell you is critical to quality classic car restoration.

The original classic six volt system is still in place too, another master-stroke, in our view.

If you haven’t already, have a look at the image gallery and seek out images of the interior, featuring the beautiful chrome detailing on the metal dash; find the image of the original working trafficators. The whole package works excellently and the overall end result is stunning.

There are piles of invoices to detail all the new parts. If you have any questions, please do just let us know.


With its sloping headlamps, long bonnet and fishtail-style engine lid, the ‘Oval’ is a design icon. It is elegant, chic and above all, the classic Beetle is one of the most reliable and easy to live with classics you can own.

When you’re driving, people will point, smile and wave. When you stop, be prepared for a chat.

You can take this to shows, enter events, use it as a daily driver. Whatever you do you’ll have so much fun. You are buying this classic with confidence. These oval window Beetles are rare. Finding one in this condition….

This is an absolutely cracking car. It was a pleasure to view it, it is a delight to market it and it will be a belter of a classic to own.


Vehicle Location: Peterborough– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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