1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mk2 BT7 2+2 *SOLD*

MODELHealey 3000 Mk2 BT7 2+2
INTERIORBlack Leather

1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mk2 BT7 2+2 *SOLD*

  • Heritage Certificate
  • Rare triple-carb engine BT7 2+2
  • Nut, bolt, fastener, clip restoration
  • Part of a major private collection
  • This 1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mk2 BT7 2+2 sold for £39,500
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  • Heritage Certificate
  • Rare triple-carb engine BT7 2+2
  • Nut, bolt, fastener, clip restoration
  • Part of a major private collection

The classic Austin Healey 3000 is one of the most evocative British classics around. It is a fast, accomplished Grand Tourer effortlessly capable of more than 100 mph, with crisp acceleration to match.

As a comfortable means of rapid transport, it’s a delight to drive. The big straight six will burble along all day, with no strain whatsoever on car or occupants. These legendary classic cars have a unique personality matched by few other classic cars.

Great to drive, fabulous to own and there’s still investment potential. But good ones have soared in value of late. This head-turning Healey is a very special car in a number of ways. Have a look and you’ll find out why.

History Highlights

At the time the classic Austin Healey was produced, the lucrative commercial markets were overseas. The overwhelming majority of big Healeys were exported, as many as 90%. Like so many others, this Austin Healey 3000 began life in the US, in LHD form.

Our vendor, is a serial collector who has a network of decent contacts in the US and Australia. This one was spotted in Minnesota looking a little care-worn. As a stalled project, the classic Healey had been in storage for a considerable time. It didn’t take long for our collector to spot the potential and a deal was quickly struck. Interestingly, shortly after the deal was completed, we understand the seller had a massive dose of second thoughts and expressed huge regret at selling it.

Too late, it was on its way back to the UK. Once it landed, it went into the workshop for a fuller assessment. Once complete, a comprehensive blueprint was drawn up to bring the classic Austin Healey back to its former glory.

Wow, does it look amazing now.

The parts invoices alone are over £12,000. Those are just the ones we’ve seen. There are many more. There is no stone that has been left unturned. As you’ll see from the photographic history of the Austin Healey, the attention to detail is something else and the level of workmanship is outstanding.

Outside and underside

As an engineer, Geoffrey Healey was aware of the importance of a stiff chassis for the balanced handling of a sports car. The ladder type chassis is constructed from hollow rectangular section members; two main longitudinal members with a cross member front and back, and a strong cruciform section just behind the gearbox.

To carry the forces of that torque-laden classic straight-six cylinder engine, outriggers behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels are connected to inner sills.

Welded to the top of this chassis is the tub, a sheet metal inner body, a floor with A and B posts added. The bulkhead around the transmission tunnel adds more torsional rigidity. The body and trim panels are mounted on the tub. The doors, bonnet and boot lid are in steel, whilst the bonnet and boot are aluminium.

It is a cleverly designed semi-monocoque chassis and body. The flip side is, that it is complicated. That makes it expensive to repair properly and easy to cut corners.  You’ll see for yourself from the images, no corners were cut on this particular Austin Healey.

The whole body tub was carefully removed to give access to inspect every single area. No chances were taken. The Healey was media blasted and many of the original panels and structure found to be surprisingly okay. Various internal flitch panels, which are bigger water reservoirs than Lake Como, were cut out and replaced if needed. The pictures confirm what a comprehensive job was carried out.

If anyone has any question, just ask. We’re always happy to answer questions – easy ones.

As an aside, we find it terrifically reassuring that we still have the artisan-type skilled technicians in this country who can pull off a resto like this. Truly wonderful.

Back on track. Brand new wire wheels were fitted, which as always looks fab. A whole new hood was purchased and installed. Invoices for that are in the file – over £1,000, plus all new fixings.

It all looks divine.


With the advent of the 1960s, the public demanded ever-increasing power and performance from their grand tourers.

The BMC engineers responded. They decided that the existing 2600cc C-Series with four main bearings would need a major re-work with the mission being, to increase power, torque and driveability.

The engine was reworked to carry seven main bearings; steel ancillaries were binned in favour of aluminium alloy items; the block and cylinder head castings were redesigned resulting in an increased capacity to 2,912cc.

In April 1961 the first model of the Austin-Healey 3000 Mk2 hit the showrooms. It was an instant success.

For a very limited time, the factory produced a run limited run of Austin Healey 3000’s equipped as a superb triple carb version. The triple SU HS4 carburettors along with a unique camshaft increased power for the limited model to 132bhp.

There is a noticeable difference in power and performance from a rare triple carb Austin Healey. You’ll notice a quicker throttle response improved drivability too.

Lift the bonnet on this and you’ll gasp in admiration.

The engine on this classic Austin Healey has been stripped, checked and extensively overhauled with no thought to cost. The renowned Austin Healey specialist, Rawles Motor Sport of Alton Hampshire were commissioned to carry out the works which included the complete rebuild of the engine and overdrive plus new gearbox installation.

As an example; there are invoices in the file for incidental engine items, gaskets, clips, grommets, thermostat, vacuum pipes, links, hoses, throttle cables, head bolts…the list is endless for over £700. When this Austin Healey was put back together, there was never a conversation that went along the lines of, “that part will clean up and we won’t bother getting a new one”!

Before we leave the engine, a word about the rare, very sought after, triple carb version. Some ‘aficionados will gaze in envy and mutter things about the engine being difficult to set up.

How can we put this politely? It’s utter nonsense. The ‘problem’ if ever there was one, is simple. A lack of knowledge back then. A triple carb set-up was rare in the 1960s, the understanding and the tooling in the aftermarket was a little lacking. Technology has caught up now. The other issue is down to lack of basic engineering skills. Fuelling goes hand in hand with electrics. Many fiddled and tampered about with the carb, without a thought for the sparks. Things such as points gap, timing being a little awry will upset the balance. No amount of tinkering with the beautiful triple carbs would cure that.

This classic has been rebuilt by someone very knowledgeable, he knew that. A new electronic dizzie, with matching HT leads, and coil were fitted. It runs, sounds and drives sublimely.


We don’t need to say too much about the extremely rare, if not unique interior of classic Healey 2+2 do we.

You’ll struggle to accommodate two adults in the back for very long, let’s be honest. But the extra space does make the Austin Healey massively more practical, especially if you are going to use it as intended as weekend getaway grand tourer classic.

Do we need to say endless money has been lavished here? Okay we’ll skip that very obvious point. Instead, we’ll point at a few headlines. It is just such a wonderful rebuild, we cannot help it.

The interior is all new, as you’d expect. When the rolling shell was ready it was transported to the MG Owners Club Workshop in Swavesey, Cambs. All the interior retrimming and mohair hood work was carried out by the MGOC team and it remained there a couple of months whist the work was completed.

Many of the instruments are new. A very sensible decision was made to expensively refurbish some instruments in the interest of originality. Invoices are, you guessed it, in the file.

The quality of the overall rebuild is obvious, but we will just mention the RHD conversion. Given, the condition of the rest of the Austin Healey, you’d be expected to predict no corners were cut on the conversion. You’d be bang-on. One parts invoice alone for the professional conversion kit is nearly £600. The attention to detail is incredible, right down the correct RHD wiper arms.

Other noteworthy matters on this outstanding Austin Healey.

We could go on and on. All new;

  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Tonneau covers
  • Brake pipes, fixings
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake disc dust shields
  • Overdrive unit
  • Wheel bearings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Aluminium fuel tank and sender
  • Copper fuel pipes
  • Handbrake cable
  • Dip stick

We’ll probably pause there, because the list is endless. I think we’ve only scratched the surface.

Our view

What a superb car, superbly restored. In an effort to make it one the loveliest classic Austin Healeys on the road, this one has wanted for nothing.

Around five years ago classic Austin Healey prices soared. The good, reliable, very well refurbished ones like this were fetching nearly six figures. They have come back somewhat to more realistically levels however prices are bubbling again.

What drives those spikes in prices? Scarcity matters. Desirability of unique, limited production models matters. And finally, the cost, time and sheer aggravation of taking a Healey from an undrivable classic to this level of potentially show-winning exhibit matters.

These very rare triple carb Austin Healey 3000 examples are very hard to get hold of. If you are thinking or buying a rare Healey, this surely has to be right at the top of every buyers wish-list.

Buy now. Before prices start to rise again. This could the most enjoyable and profitable investment you make.


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