1966 MG Midget – Spares or Repair *Sold £325*


1966 MG Midget – Spares or Repair *Sold £325*

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  • In need of full restoration 
  • 1275cc Engine 
  • Tonneau cover
  • This 1966 MG Midget – Spares or Repair sold for £325
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  • In need of full restoration 
  • 1275cc Engine 
  • Tonneau cover 


The name “Midget” was first used by MG in 1929 and ascribed to the M Type, this being MG’s first baby sports car based on the then newly released Morris Minor. Rapid development of the overhead cam sports and racing cars through the early 1930’s led to subsequent C ,D, J, P, Q, and R type Midgets, this being MG’s most exciting period. Then came the first of the T Type Midgets the TA in late 1936, culminating with the TF model of 1954. When the TF’s successor, the MGA, was being planned, it was considered the car had by now grown too large to be referred to as a Midget any longer, and so the name was dropped, not being revised until the new semi-monocoque car was launched in 1961. 

The first ‘modern’ Midget was essentially a re-badged Austin Healey Sprite MkII which itself was a development from the the original 1958 MkI Sprite, more frequently known as the Frogeye. 

The MkI Midget, as announced in June 1961 and fitted with a 46.5bhp 948cc BMC “A” series engine was quite basic, with a very simple interior, sidescreens and stowaway hood. However, it did just what its creators intended, and offered sporting motoring for minimum cost. Our Midget here is the MKII version which came with wind up windows and a quarter light window that tilted open. 


As you can see from the images, this poor little MG Midget is in need of a full rebuild or could be used as a donor car with its extensive number of parts. 

Unfortunately, our vendor’s health deteriorated during the early stages of this “planned” comprehensive restoration leaving this characterful little Midget dismantled for some years now.  Sadly, the Midget is now for sale as part of his deceased estate and is offered as no reserve lot. 

Originally purchased in 2009, the plan was to fully restore the Midget for his beloved wife but as mentioned above circumstances have led to it coming to market. Unfortunately we don’t know a great deal about the car but what we do know, is that it has been completely stripped down and stored for some time.  It will come with a very small number of receipts, old MOTs and the V5. 

GAL 88D 

Moving onto the car itself, it is obvious that the body shell will need to be fully restored and painted, it has currently had the nearside quarter along with both the front and rear panels removed and as you can see from the images it is currently bolted to a bespoke frame ready for the extensive panel replacement and subsequent welding of the floor.

It was indeed going to be a big project and we suspect it would have been an extremely well restored example if it had been completed such was our vendors fastidious attention to detail in the previous cars we have sold from his collection. 

There are plenty of parts to get going with and they can be seen within the images, due to the extensive amount of dismantling and number of parts it is very difficult to determine which parts are present and which are missing. 

What we can see is the list of new parts below: 

New Parts 

  • Nearside outer rear quarter panel 
  • Rear Underframe and Boot floor 
  • Nearside Front floor panel 
  • Offside Front floor panel 
  • Offside inner wing 
  • Rear Panel 
  • Front shock absorbers 
  • Engine Gasket kits x2 

We can also see that virtually all of the other body parts are present and in various condition with some original and some supplied via second hand suppliers, either way it will be a very interesting project for someone should they decide to rebuild this little MG Midget. 

The all-important 1275cc engine is present and turns, although there also looks to be plenty of extra parts including cams, pistons and so on, there is even new gasket sets ready for a possible rebuild if needed. 

There are other parts in boxes and on the shelving that make up the rest of the parts including the rear axles, wheels and tyres, lamps, radiator, seats, roof and frame, steering wheel, back axle, headlamps, back lights, Windscreen, side windows, doors the list goes on and on. 

Like we said it would take too long to list every part and to be completely open and transparent we or our vendor cannot confirm what is missing and what is present when it comes to the smaller parts of the build. 

Our view 

Although MG Midgets are not the most expensive classic cars with plenty for sale, we feel this could be a great project for someone to tinker with over the coming winter months or just to use a donor car. Alone the new panels sell for hundreds and the extensive list of parts could save someone months trawling through the classifieds looking for the specific part to complete another build. 

With no reserve we suspect someone will be getting the bargain of a lifetime.  Happy Bidding. 

 Vehicle Location: Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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