1968 Wolseley 1000 *SOLD*


1968 Wolseley 1000 *SOLD*

  • 1 of only 456, this is number 240
  • Fully overhauled
  • Uprated engine
  • Twin carbs, lightened flywheel
  • Cooper cylinder head, race camshaft
  • A cracking, rare car
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  • 1 of only 456, this is number 240
  • Fully overhauled
  • Uprated engine
  • Twin carbs, lightened flywheel
  • Cooper cylinder head, race camshaft
  • A cracking, very rare car

These very rare and ultra-charming Mini siblings have now reached near cult status. It is very rare for one to come to market publicly. We’re double pleased to have it. With only 18 known examples in the world, of which just 3 are in the UK, this is your chance to own an uber rare car, as our vendor, Ben says “it’s no show winner but it’s a car built to be used  and enjoyed

Ben deals with a well-known Mini dealer called Burtus in Africa, he’s bought many cars from him over the years to bring back to the UK to restore. Ben had been after this particular one for a few years before Burtus finally agreed to sell her. Burtus had parked up the Wolseley in a barn where it had stood for at least 20 years, and as you’ll see from the images, was just crying out for a resto!

The usual Mini fun-factor is now here in spades; good looks, go-kart like handling and charm like few other cars. Oh, and they are outstanding value for money alongside its peers.

The engine has been tweaked. On the outside it’s had a new coat of paint. Featured in Mini magazine not once, but twice during the build process, this Wolseley 1000 is ready to go and boy, does it go!


The classic Wolseley 1000 is unique in a number of ways. All 456 of them were exclusively built in South Africa. Unlike the Elf and Riley spin-offs from the Mini, the Wolseley 1000 was the only flavour to not have the extended rear-end. The final special feature is the Australian model doors with wind-up windows and quarter light glass.

The Wolseley 1000 was the brainchild, or is it lovechild, we get mixed up, of Ivor Dovey, who was Works Manager at BMC. His idea was a fresh look front end by using the rather regal Wolseley front grille etc, combined with a unique short tail. Everyone loved it. The cult classic Wolseley 1000 was born.


We advised by our vendor, “all the exterior panels are original”. It has been professionally repainted in original cellulose in an original BMC colour of Honolulu Blue. We never get tired of hearing all these original colour names. Who dreamt them up! Anyway. The roof is Pretoria White. It looks very fetching indeed. We have photos of the classic Wolseley in the paint shop. We can see the amount of care and attention it has had too. These are available if anyone would like them, just shout.  The images do show a car in very well preserved condition. This is mainly due to never having been exposed to the sulkiness of the British climate. To his major credit, our vendor tells us, if he were keeping the car (which was his original plan) he would source another bonnet. We would just add he is very particular though. New owners can make their own minds up. In closing about the outside, our vendor also says, during the recommissioning and refresh, he never found any welding that needed doing.


It gets interesting here. Our vendor tells us this;

I built the engine myself. The original was fine, it was running twin SU’s. But my view was, let’s build something fancy based on the David Vizard book. The engine is a 998cc +100 with Keith Calver pistons. (Look him up if you’re not familiar). The block has been decked and the crank ground. It now has a lightened flywheel and clutch plate, straight cut drop gears, sccr straight cut close ratio gearbox running a 3.76 diff.

The 12g202 Mini Cooper cylinder head has been ported with 70 tho skim. 29mm exhaust valve and 35mm inlet valve. The valves are operated by an Evo II Race Cam, powering 1.5 Keith Dodd rockers. A vernier duplex timing gear was fitted. A BMC LCB manifold was fitted with a Nikki twin choke carb and Mini Sport Exhaust system”

During our discussions we asked how it drives. He chuckled and said, “I build them to use them! It’s quick, you’ll have a lot of fun in this car.”

The eagle eyed among you will note the fitment of an oil cooler too. Since the engine build, it has covered around 500 miles.


The Wolseley 1000 was a lot plusher than its siblings. When our vendor rescued it, sadly, the two front basket-weave seats were missing. Knowing he would never find the original seats, our vendor has replaced them with two period-style Cobra seats on runners. Door cards were in less than great condition. They have been recovered.

It has all new black carpets and underlay. Our vendor has advised that “the two-piece headlining has been repainted black to tidy it up but has some loose stitching” so the winning bidder may want to replace that in time. Mini Cooper style clocks are fitted and look very good. The interior looks very smart.

Additional Information

Our knowledgeable vendor has been sorting out BMC’s cars for many, many years. He knows what he is doing. In a nod to the Mini Cooper Works Cars, the front end has gas shocks. These stop the front of the car diving as you start to drive it hard. And you will do that.

The pneumatic suspension has been overhauled, so that is all good. You’ll note the subframes are all good too.

Our vendor has invoices for all the parts he bought for the engine rebuild.

The wheels are period Dunlop’s our vendor hunted down and they look very good too.

Our verdict

Our vendor is both very realistic and straightforward. In his opinion, “it is not a ‘show car’ but it is a very lovely classic”.

However, it is a very, very unique, well sorted car. You’ll not bump in to one of these at your local show. These Wolseley 1000s very rarely come to market. To see one is rare. Most are not in this condition. When they do come to market, they do attract a lot of interest.

To sum up. Don’t miss it!

Vehicle Location: Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

Have a question about this vehicle? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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d**********s £6,000.00 2022-03-23 04:46:03
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j************0 £5,000.00 2022-03-22 16:54:58
n****4 £4,500.00 2022-03-22 13:23:10
d**********s £4,000.00 2022-03-22 11:03:49
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d**********s £3,000.00 2022-03-21 13:38:52
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