1972 Volkswagen Dormobile T2 Camper

MODELDormobile T2 Camper
MILEAGE*Please see description*
INTERIORRed & Oatmeal
LOCATIONCanterbury, Kent CT1

1972 Volkswagen Dormobile T2 Camper

  • Original factory built rare Dormobile
  • A truly exceptional example
  • Numerous original features
  • Owned by two sisters from new until 2020
  • One former keeper (see below)
  • Matching numbers
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  • Original factory built rare Dormobile
  • A truly exceptional example
  • Numerous original features
  • Owned by two sisters from new until 2020
  • One former keeper (see below)
  • Matching numbers

We don’t need to tell you just how cool VW Campers are. Even the shortest trips will feel fun, and everywhere you go you will be greeted by smiling faces and looks of admiration.

There’s no doubt it’s the must-have method of transport of the moment. The ultimate in stylish family transportation. If you grab this camper, packed full of rare original features, you’re about become a member of the world’s hippest cult ever.

Not many vehicle’s stimulate the kind of affection and goodwill that the VW camper does. Many have been a part of so many people’s lives. This one is no different. It’s easy to see why they remain a popular choice as a classic or even as a daily driver.


There’s always a story isn’t there. This exceptional example of the classic VW T2 camper was owned from new by two sisters. Our vendor, Ken, can verify that. They lived “around the corner” from him. For many years, he would pass it daily, looking on in envy. He said to us, with a chuckle, “I told myself, that one day I would own that camper”.

He passed the house one day and to his amazement noticed it wasn’t on the drive. Ken told us he could have kicked himself. A couple of days later he was chatting to a good friend who owned a local garage. Their conversation turned to the coveted camper. It turns out the sisters had stuck a ‘For Sale’ sign on it. Fred, the garage owner saw it, not hesitating for a moment he snapped it up. Ken did a deal with Fred, the camper became Ken’s prized possession.


  • 1972 – 2000 Two sisters
  • 2000 – 2000 Garage owner
  • 2000 – current Our vendor

He told us, in the “early days, when the kids were small, they used it a lot”. Frequent trips to Cornwall, where else, included. As his daughter hit her teenage years, it was left to Ken and his wife to carry the baton. Which they did. Since around 2016, the camper has been used sparingly. It was put into a nearby classic car storage unit to keep it safe. It’s always on trickle charge.

It is now used for “jollies, outings runs to the coast and shows”.

*Please note that the odometer reading is c8,840 miles, we would assume that the true reading is 108,840 miles however we do not warranty mileage so please do make your own enquiries*


The exceptional VW T2 camper is all about the interior. They live and can sometimes die on the condition and quality of the interior, we have here:

  • An all original factory Dormobile
  • The roof has been up this week and is all operating as it should
  • Sink, ice box and cooker all in place
  • Uniquely, the cooker is under the front seat
  • Grundig radio
  • The bed has been reupholstered in Oatmeal fabric
  • The ‘buddy’ seats have probably never been used

Dormobile were official converters for VW vans. These campers sleep up to four, they can however seat six for travelling. What the other two do when its time for bed is anyone’s guess!

It has all the usual VW camper layout with side storage / worktop. Unusually though, the cooker is hidden under the front passenger seat. The Dormatic roof is set forward to allow headroom for cooking.

The usual VW `rock and roll’ bench seat lifts up, level with the worktop when setting up for a night’s sleep. Two optional bunk beds are in the roof.

It is very, very, very nice. Take a look.

Outside and underside

We told by Ken that the paint work is “near 80% original”. When we enquired about the other 20%, he kindly explained. The camper had a small, slow speed rear end bump from another driver. That meant repairing the engine lid and rear panel and then re-painting. Hence the 20%. Ken says, if he hadn’t have told us we probably wouldn’t notice anyway.

The front bumper was repainted. It was done about 4 or 5 years ago. It wants doing again, if you were that way inclined. Given the remarkable condition of the rest of the camper and given the small cost, we’d probably get that done

The good images show the all the wheel arches, sills and bottom edges where typically Campers rot from. It also shows the other water trap of the front step and front wheel arch. Look at the images and make your own judgement.

There is a very practical step on the nearside too.


  • 1600cc twin port AD engine
  • Matching numbers
  • Spare clutch cable, never used
  • Recently completed the London to Brighton
  • We’re told, “it doesn’t miss a beat

The mate of Ken’s who owns the garage also looks after it for him. The oils are changed along with wear and tear items like plugs, points, condenser etc every time it pops off for an MOT.

When the VW camper was MOT’d and, as throughout its entire life, it sailed through and passed with no advisories. The MOT Inspector himself told Ken when looking at the underside “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this camper – no evidence of any welding or anything needing to be welded in future”. So that gives great peace of mind to an already exceptional example of a camper for any bidders.

Ken uses the camper to go to shows and club events. He told us he is often the very last one to get any sleep! Everyone wants to chat not just about the camper but its originality too. With original features like the oil bath air filter, matching numbers and complete unmolested period Dormobile interior we can see why.


It is super-rare to find an early bay window VW T2 Camper in such a condition.

Often they have dozens of owners and each of them have left a little bit of their own handiwork behind. The result can be a right old hotch-potch.

This has effectively had just two owners, We’re assured by Ken, that it is as original as it gets. Although in the last few years its use has been less, Ken tells us he has driven all over the country and “it is a dream to drive and so comfortable.

It starts every time when he goes to retrieve from storage. It stops, goes and steers very well. After our conversations with him, we’d certainly have plenty of confidence to take it on almost any length of journey. Plus, it looks to be in superb condition.

We’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t love a good classic VW camper. And there’s good reason for that. As a classic in which to go exploring, enjoy life and build great memories, the camper is almost unparalleled. Few vehicles have true character, but these do. The cheerful burble of that flat-four or the high-riding, cab-forward driving position, nothing else on earth feels like a VW camper.

We can’t think of many better, more stylish ways to enjoy a music festival or a quiet weekend away in the countryside. And it’s ready to go, just in time for the summer! Absolutely perfect timing for hazy days in the country and lazy days by the sea… Good luck bidding.

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