1974 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible

MAKERolls Royce
COLOURWillow Gold
INTERIORGreen Leather

1974 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible

  • Complete with factory build sheets
  • One off Special Order interior trim
  • New roof
  • Over £12,000 spent in this ownership
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  • Complete with factory build sheets
  • One off Special Order interior trim
  • New roof
  • Over £12,000 spent in this ownership

The Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward Corniche Drop Head Convertible (DHC) was derived from the two-door version of the hugely successful Silver Shadow.

Although operating autonomously, Mulliner Park Ward (MPW) had been a Rolls-Royce subsidiary for some time. It was no surprise that the skilled craftsmen at MPW were given the task to hand-craft a convertible body from the Rolls Royce Shadow; the Corniche.

These are rare enough as it is. We don’t think you’ll find another one like this. A wonderfully preserved classic, with thousands of pounds already spent on it.

History and paperwork

MPW built the bodies at the Park Ward factory in London. They were then transported to the RR factory at Crewe where the mechanicals were attached. Once that was done the whole vehicle returned to London for a hand crafted, final fit and finish. It remained that way until the ‘90s

This resulted an extremely impressive motor car. The MPW Corniche was the most sophisticated Rolls Royce, even by RR’s sky-high standards.

The paperwork shows this Rolls Royce Corniche was delivered new on 22 August 1974

Chassis Number – DRH 17842

  • D = convertible or Drophead Coupe
  • R = Rolls Royce
  • H = RHD UK Home Market car
  • The Corniche appears to be a matching numbers car according to the Rolls Royce original paperwork and our HPi checks.

This Rolls Royce Corniche has the paperwork detailing;

  • Original selling dealer, Jack Barclay Ltd, Oxford
  • First owner as Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Faisal at 76 Harley Street, London, W1
  • The £0000’s spent on it our vendors ownership

It is extremely rare to come across a Rolls Royce with the genuine factory build sheets with the car.

  • Quality Control Sheets (Safety Sheets)
  • The attention to detail goes as deep as confirming; “Circlip fitted to bottom of steering column”
  • The exact location of the QC checks; MPW, London or Hythe Road, Crewe. The particular shop, e,g ‘Shop 16’
  • Engine assembly sheets
  • Engine test bed sheet
  • Production sheet
  • Car specification
  • Special Features

All these give a rare glimpse into the history, and provenance of this marvellous Rolls Royce Corniche. They are all in the Gallery, enjoy.

We are not entirely clear about the ownership after the Prince. Thankfully an enquiry to Rolls Royce with their prestigious archives could elicit that information if the new owner wanted. We do know the history from the mid 2000’s

Our vendor, Alan, purchased the car from chap who subsequently became a good friend, Brian. He had acquired the Corniche in 2007. It is understood the clock/speedo was inoperative and Brian installed a new one. The MOT records support this. Alan knew of the Corniche as part of Brian’s collection for several years. Alan acquired it in 2016. The current mileage (*since the clock change*) is 2,872.

  • Marvellous condition upholstery with wonderful character
  • From the build sheets we can see the green leather is a Special Order
  • Those build sheets go on to show the usual sumptuous Connolly hides were specially dyed in that unique colour and fitted to this particular Corniche – making it unique
  • The beautiful walnut dash was professionally refurbished at significant cost
  • The factory fitted eight track is still in place, along with tapes in the boot
  • A new headlining to the power hood was fitted
  • The original thin style bakelite steering wheel remains. We often see these swapped or damaged. This one is brilliant.

At 48 years young, the interior defies expectations. We just don’t find them like this anymore.

It goes to show the quality materials and craftmanship that went into building this Rolls Royce Corniche. Elsewhere inside, the theme continues. The carpets are in good condition. The lambs wool over covers are available with the car.

We asked Alan if there were any niggles inside. He struggled, but replied, “On the front doors there are four buttons. On the drivers side front door one of the buttons has the tiny cap on top missing”. We asked if that was it! It is.

The inside of the boot is in good condition.

Alan has told us everything works as it should. Given his attention to detail on the “door button” needless to say, we think this Corniche is probably spot-on.

  • Willow Gold Paintwork – ICI colour code M 151 3621
  • The Power hood is new
  • The wheels have been upgraded
  • Visually stunning condition all-round

Was there ever a car more suited to the high life than this Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible? The MPW elegantly styled curvaceous waistline, so popular through the ‘70s, draws your eye along the side of the car. The shining Parthenon radiator completes the picture of titled motoring.

The new roof up looks striking. When it is lowered, the Corniche is on another level entirely.

The preserved condition of the Corniche would suggest it has been cherished. Our vendor, Alan, tells us he does get it out for a pootle about once a month just to make sure nothing stops working. He estimates he has driven around 1,500 miles in his ownership. We doubt it has seen a drop of rain in its entire life!

Alan has captured some splendid images in general. The ones up close around the wheel arches, behind the bumpers and the close up condition tell the story much better than our words can.

Engine and mechanicals

The first thing Alan did after buying the Corniche was take it to a very well known Rolls Royce specialist in the North East. The invoices details are in the gallery. It looks like the Corniche may have been stored for a while, because along with general service and ancillary items there were what looks like some recommissioned items done too

  • The gear box was serviced
  • Handbrake rebuilt
  • New petrol pump
  • Engine mounts replaced
  • Brake pump renewed
  • Subframe mounts replaced

Since then Alan has fitted a new exhaust too for good measure

The engine, runs and drives beautifully, “As a Corniche should” we were told, quietly and smoothly without fuss.

A smooth automatic transmission, thumping great power brakes and featherlight power steering make driving an absolute pleasure.

The superb hydraulic self-levelling suspension was ahead of its time in the 70’s nothing comes close today. The system ensures a virtually unparalleled ride quality. We asked again about ‘niggles’ because let’s be honest, if it looks too good to be true…

Alan paused again. “There is one thing I would deal with if I was keeping the Corniche” he told us. “When I had the new exhaust fitted, I should have taken it back really. Sometimes at idle, not all the time, sometimes if I listen for it, I can hear faint ‘tinkling’ noise. Not all the time and as I move, off it goes”. And again that is it. We’d probably turn Barry Manilow up a bit on the 8-Track.

Our view

Phew. We need a sit down. What. A. Car.

The Rolls Royce Corniche was the pinnacle of Britain’s motoring output in the 1970’s. And it probably still is today. You can see why. The craftmanship, the engineering, the attention to detail brought to life by those oh-so-rare build sheets. This Corniche Convertible is delight.

Back in 1974, you could buy eight E-types for the price of one Corniche. The cost of eight of Jaguar’s finest sports car today? Four hundred grand?

It is vulgar to talk about price and Corniches. But the reserve is a fraction of the above. It has to go to make room for another classic in our vendor’s life. This Rolls Royce Corniche, probably the nicest we’ve seen for a long time is going to sell. Don’t miss it.

Vehicle Location: Great Ayton, Middlesbrough TS9 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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