1986 Fiat Panda 1000 CL *SOLD*

MODELPanda 1000 CL
COLOURPowder blue
INTERIORGrey check Cloth

1986 Fiat Panda 1000 CL *SOLD*

  • One owner
  • Genuine 36,000 miles
  • Stored for many years
  • Now fully refurbished
  • A rare original UK car
  • This 1986 Fiat Panda 1000 CL sold for £3,100
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  • One owner
  • Genuine 36,000 miles
  • Stored for many years
  • Now fully refurbished
  • A rare original UK car

In any part of Italy – village or city, you’ll find a classic Fiat Panda. Everywhere. The Panda was Fiat’s answer to the Renault 4 and Citroen 2CV; chic, stylish transport for the masses.

Designed by the brilliant Giugiaro, the Panda transcends snobbism and social class and is now a cult classic. Finding one like this is rare treat.


Our vendor, Richard, was introduced to this Fiat Panda in 2020.

  • It belonged to friend’s wife’s grandmother
  • She bought it from new from a Fiat Main Dealer
  • It was registered 29 May 1986
  • She drove it until 2009 when she was told she couldn’t drive any longer

There, the story almost ended. The then owner’s health deteriorated and she went to live in a nursing home in 2020. The family assumed she had sold her beloved Panda. Imagine their surprise when they opened the garage!


We have:

  • The original Main Dealer Service book with stamps
  • The Warranty Book
  • Original keys
  • PDI Service stamped in service book
  • As you’d expect, there’s lots of other paperwork not listed, but just ask if you would like to see any of it.

 This Panda has clearly been looked after and has the documentation to back that up.


Richard did nothing with the classic Fiat Panda for about a year. We’re guessing he was still in a state of shock. Richard explained;

I sorted a transporter out to collect the Panda, two weeks later it was delivered to my house. When the car turned up it was very dirty but overall looked to be very solid.

The battery was flat and it had old fuel in the tank. Over the next 12 months I just put it to one side and didn’t do anything with it.

Fast forward several months and I decided to sort it out.

I wanted to keep it as original as possible as it is completely as it left the factory.

I had everything done that was needed to get her running right and also to get her through an MOT. She now has a full 12 months MOT with no advisories.

Lots of little jobs were undertaken including a service, a new exhaust system and other bits. There are so many, I simply cannot remember them all! However, I am very happy to talk to any potential bidder at any point about anything.

The bodywork was completely straight and dent free. It had the odd mark on a number of panels.

I decided, at great expense, to have a full windows out repaint. She looks absolutely fabulous in her original Powder Blue colour or as I call it baby blue”.

As a finishing touch, Richard had the original steel wheels powder coated. This Fiat Panda looks terrific.


Giugiaro said this about the classic Panda.

“The Panda is like a pair of jeans: a simple, practical article of clothing without pretence. It is something light, rational, and optimized for a specific purpose”

He definitely got that right. The most notable design feature is a highly flexible interior.

The interior was one of the car’s neatest touches. The seat coverings could all be removed and washed, while the back seat could be folded flat to make a bed or removed entirely

The whole thing is a design marvel. The Light Charcoal Grey check cloth trim is in wonderful condition. The seat cloth does look a bit baggy. Don’t be put off, that is how they are even from new.

The carpets are like new, as is the dash. The crinkle finished steering wheel still has that crinkle tactile finish to it, which instantly takes you back to the 80’s.


The engine is 999 cc 45bhp (the same in the 4×4 Panda). The engine was a new design from Fiat’s new ‘FIRE’ family of four-cylinder water-cooled powerplants with a single overhead camshaft.

It is fun, fast and frugal. The overhead cam FIRE unit makes for spirited drive and the overall impression is peppy drive that is light and easy to bomb about in.

Our view

It is just so cute, isn’t it? Passers-by will stop for a chat with this car.

Once these were everywhere. For many of us, they were our first car. That appeal remains today. But it is increasingly rare to even find one.

It is a fun, quirky little car. It is also an emotional link to the past. A portal to a simpler age? We’re probably getting soppy now!

The condition of this Fiat Panda is incredible. It has been loved and cared for throughout its life as well as being enjoyed at the same time, something that the new owner will no doubt do.

This is a fabulous classic Fiat Panda, and a rarity. Just buy it.

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r*****r £2,300.00 2022-07-05 06:37:06
d**********s £2,050.00 2022-07-05 06:00:09
r*****r £1,800.00 2022-07-03 10:35:25
d**********s £1,550.00 2022-07-02 21:21:42
j**********0 £1,300.00 2022-07-01 21:22:52
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