1987 Porsche 928 S Series 4 Auto

MODEL928 S Series 4 Auto
INTERIORBlue Leather
LOCATIONDumfries & Galloway DG2

1987 Porsche 928 S Series 4 Auto

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  • 5.0 litre quad cam V8 engine
  • 21,882 warranted mileage
  • Three former keepers
  • Detailed ownership history
  • Large service file
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  • 5.0 litre quad cam V8 engine
  • 21,882 warranted mileage
  • Three former keepers
  • Detailed ownership history
  • Large service file

When others see you driving a Porsche 928, there is an assumption in their expression that you’re having a wonderful time. They’d be spot on. The 928 is one of the most deceptively efficient, fast, and fun classic GT cars of all time. The fourth major update, the Porsche 928 S Series 4, is all of that and much more. 


Registered new 15th October 1987 

First owner – Dr Ross we understand owned the Porsche for 16 years. The Porsche for much of that time was in storage in Camden Town, London. The MOT on file dated, August 2003, shows a mileage of 3,944. 

Second owner – Dr Napier. Lived one mile from Dr Ross in London, he purchased the Porsche on the 10th October 2003. His 15-year ownership of the Porsche 928 is documented. The Porsche was stored between 2007 – 2012. 

Third owner – Dr Saynor purchased the Porsche in February 2018 at 19,910 miles. His ownership is also documented.  

There are MOTs dating back to 2001, along with invoices for work carried out, including servicing, in the large history file with the Porsche. 


The later Porsche 928 S S4 is a brilliant evolution of the model. It is not so much a car as a system.  Like aerospace progression. Every part carefully designed and fitted. 

  • 5.0 litre 32v quad cam alloy V8 engine 
  • 50:50 weight distribution 
  • Weissach rear axle 
  • 317bhp 
  • 0-60 in under six seconds 
  • A top speed in excess of 160mph, allegedly 
  • Incredibly, the 928 S S4 can go from 80mph to dead stop in just over 200 feet. 

The Porsche 928 S S4 is an incredible car.  

Everything about the 928 S S4 is larger than life. From its thunderous acceleration to its wrenching deceleration, the fourth version of the Porsche 928 was bang-on. 

It far surpassed the performance envelope of other road machinery around at that time. 

With the newly fattened 32 valve V-8 power curve, Porsche reassembled its flagship sportscar in a form that became the benchmark.  The 928 S S4 is so fast, capable and comfortable that it created its own genre of ‘supercar’. 

This Porsche 928 S Series 4 comes with a serious history file. Low, long-term ownership who could clearly afford to look after the car the way it should be. That is rare for any classic getting on for 35 years old. Please take a look at the video of the Porsche 928 running. Once the vendor closes the bonnet, you’re not sure if the engine is running or not. 


The galvanised bodied Porsche 928 S comes with aluminium doors, front wings and bonnet.  

Benefiting from careful ownership and little use, the exterior is in very good overall condition. 

The dark blue paintwork sets off those sleek, simple lines very well. All the shut lines, gaps, swage lines are consistent and straight. All four arches are in good condition. The corners of the integrated bumper are free from damage and the superbly designed pop-up headlamps work fine. 

The clear close ups in the video confirm what you’re already thinking; this is a good car. 

As you can see from the Gallery, all four original Porsche alloy wheels have been a complete stranger to the kerb.  


If the Porsche 928 S is like no other Porsche, the interior is on another level altogether. The styling is a riot of ‘70s overindulgence. Yet, the functional Germanic details scream at you. The light and airy interior was ahead of its time and stands the test of time very well. 

Open the door and tip the seat forward and you’ll expose the two dainty perches in the back. It is a 2+2, just. 

Folding the back seats down reveals a very decent, useful luggage space, giving a flat surface almost to the front seats. The luggage net is still in place in the Porsche 928, a rather rare item.  

Up front the pilot and co-pilot are well taken care of. Who cares about the kids in the back anyway!! 

A curvaceous pair of seats grip the hips much better than they look as if they would. The multiple electric adjustment switches down the side will sort you out anyway. If someone does fiddle, there are also memory positions.  

The interior could have done with detailing, there is no getting away from that. But that is a delightful little weekends work for the lucky new owner to put their stamp on it. 

See beyond that and you’ll note everything is in good condition. The driver’s seat, as always, is starting to show its age. But there are no rips, splits or tears, just ageing, which is expected. The dash is in good condition, as are the carpets. The door cards look to be in remarkable condition. 


It is difficult to say how unusual it is to see a Porsche 928, with this mileage, in this condition, with the type of low, long-term ownership this one has had. Rarely do you see all three elements combined in one classic car. 

Porsche 928s have been undervalued for some time. Why? Quite simply, snobbery. Many talk simply about the 911 and little else. The market is waking up to how good the Porsche 928 is. Ones like this normally swap hands under the radar in club ownership and forum circles. It is a pleasure to bring this to the wider market. 

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