1993 Ford Granada Scorpio Cosworth V6 24V Auto *Sold £2,500*

MODELGranada Scorpio Cosworth V6 24V
COLOURTourmaline Green

1993 Ford Granada Scorpio Cosworth V6 24V Auto *Sold £2,500*

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  • 2.9 litre V6 24v engine
  • Automatic
  • Full leather
  • Metallic paint
  • Five spoke Cosworth alloys
  • Will come with an MOT (see description for more info)
  • This Granada Scorpio Cosworth sold for £2,500
  • Please scroll down the page to see the bidding and to read a full description for this lot

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  • 2.9-litre V6 24v engine
  • Automatic
  • Full leather
  • Metallic paint
  • Five spoke Cosworth alloys
  • Will come with an MOT – see below for more info

We all know about the prices of Fast Fords. Do they come any faster that 200bhp 24v Cosworth V6? And are then any Fast Ford bargains left. The answer is no and yes.

The Granada Mk3 came along in 1985. The Scorpio badge meant every single bell and whistle was fitted to the car which, added to an already long list, were;

  • ABS
  • Heated leather seats
  • Electric rear seats
  • Heated windscreen
  • Cruise control

They sold like cakes straight out of the oven. By the late ‘80s, the Granada was facing a lot of competition but Ford had an Ace up its sleeve. It took everyone by surprise; Cosworth. The race engineers at Cosworth took the already very good Cologne 2.9 litre V6 and extensively reworked it.  The result was 24 valves, quad camshafts, 200bhp and a 0-60 time of 8.1 seconds. Allegedly a top speed north of 140mph. That was a very Fast Ford.

The Cosworth team also worked their magic and overhauled the brakes, suspension and running gear. Lowering and stiffening the ride and stance, it transformed the Granada into a stonkingly good car. The Granada Scorpio Cosworth cakes sold before they even left the oven.


Our vendor has had the Granada Scorpio Cosworth 24V for just over a year. He never got around to “sorting” her, as life got in the way – as it so often does. He has however had a full service done very recently.

Disclosure here. Our vendor was led to believe it had covered 23,000 miles – yes.. you can see the video yourself online from another auction house. He didn’t do thorough checks. We did. And we will always be straight with you. Our investigations show this Cosworth has covered an amazing 234,000 miles! Not 23,000.

This has to make it unique. We’ve not ever come across a modern Ford with that mileage. Ever.

There is no way in our view that a Ford of that vintage and mileage has survived this many miles without being looked after. We have a service history of sorts but little else apart from the car.


Our vendor has:

  • MoT certificates
  • Original manuals and books
  • A boot load of spares
  • The original Ford Service Record Book, with stamps
  • Various invoices and receipts, but not what we’d expect to be honest.


The metallic Tourmaline Green paintwork on this Granada Scorpio Cosworth looks pretty okay, as you can see from the images.

Of course, the body is not without its imperfections. There are some crusty bits on the surface of the boot lid and some more at the bottom of the rear wheel arches. We’re certain our vendor has not captured every single defect. But if you’d like any more areas captured please let us know, it’s what we are here for. The minimal brightwork looks fine too.


As you’d expect there is wear and tear on the seats especially the drivers seat given the mileage. We expected worse to be honest and have seen worse on much lower mileage cars.

The carpet looks good all things considered. The door cards have not collapsed and gone all saggy and baggy which again is a pleasant surprise. The steering wheel has the expected wear.

The dash and headlining are all free from cracks and damage. Even the faux Ford ‘wood’ is fine.

We sound like we are talking this Granada Scorpio Cosworth down, we’re not. After Sarah uncovered its true mileage we are amazed how well it has stood the test of time.


We have scant detail here but we did ask our vendor for a view.

It drives really well. Definitely not like a car that has done this mileage, that is what threw me. If Sarah had not forensically interrogated me, there is no way I’d say the mileage is what it is. Driving the car it feels tight still. The auto box is nice. It changes as it should and when you hit the kick down, the thing takes off”.

Our trade vendor Richard sums it up; “it is what it is”. On the flip side. We still have the unique Cosworth alloys fitted and they do look nice.

Please note that the Granada will come with a new MOT. This has been delayed due to waiting for a part and is now expected to be complete by 13th January.

As per Richard: “The car hasn’t been MoT’d yet as we are awaiting a rocker cover gasket set from Ford.  The car has been pre MOT’d and no issues with rust that required welding were found, obviously there is surface rust as you would expect. There are no major blemishes outside or inside all that was taken care of a while ago.  The only thing needed is the bumper is choppy and the spoiler under the bumper. The service undertaken recently was a full service including all fluids, spark plugs, front discs and pads also a gearbox service was carried out.” 

Bottom Line

Never let it be said, Ford do not build cars to last. This is an amazing and unique classic, in an intriguing way. Who would have thought in a million years, one of these would be uncovered like this.

There are not many Cosworths left. Many were nicked and smashed up. Nicked and stripped. Or, in later years, broken-up for the fabulous Cosworth engine. It does pop up often in a lot of cars we see. In our opinion it is best left for what Cosworth built it for; the Mk3 Granada Scorpio Cosworth, like this one.

So we ask again, are there any Fast Ford bargains left? Yes, and here it is.

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Vehicle Location: Derby DE21 – it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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