1993 Range Rover LSE Classic 4.2 litre *Sold £16,500*

MAKERange Rover
COLOURPlymouth Blue
INTERIORIvory Leather

1993 Range Rover LSE Classic 4.2 litre *Sold £16,500*

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  • Engine rebuild – not yet run in 
  • New Interior 
  • Full respray 
  • Air suspension rebuild 
  • Covered only 1,000m since rebuild 
  • Now in fabulous condition 
  • Rare LWB model 
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  • Engine rebuild – not yet run in 
  • New Interior 
  • Full respray 
  • Air suspension rebuild 
  • Covered only 1,000m since rebuild 
  • Now in fabulous condition 
  • Rare LWB model 

The world’s finest 4×4? Yes, in our view. 

Since its launch in 1970 it has had many imitators. Many have tried to emulate the Range Rover’s unique blend of confident off-roader and up-market luxury vehicle. No other manufacturer has managed to pull that trick off. As a result, the Range Rover has now become a classless, timeless classic car. 

When the Range Rover was launched in Cornwall in 1970, it took Leyland Cars some time to realise just what a gem they had. The problems of the company meant their focus was elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Range Rover quickly established a reputation for itself.  

When these come to market, there can appear to be a dizzying array of models and engines and trim and so on. 

The one thing most enthusiasts all agree on, is the first generation original Range Rover, built from 1970 – 1994, is the one to have. If you can find a rare first gen Vogue LSE LWB 4.2 in tip top condition, buy it.   

This one was supplied new by Guy Salmon on 23 Feb 1993. That makes this classic LSE one of the last, first generation Range Rovers designated Classic. Our vendor acquired the LSE in a less than perfect state over a decade ago.  

The engine, suspension, interior & bodywork have all been rebuilt or overhauled along with a full respray. Since our knowledgeable husband and wife team who know a thing of two about Range Rovers rebuilt the Plymouth Blue LSE, it has done about 1,000 miles. It is virtually a new car! They’re selling only due to downsizing and a house move.

Engine & Transmission 

Range Rover are famous for their V8s. The first gen Range Rovers started with a 3.5ltr, progressed to a marvellous 3.9ltr and ended with a limited run of the special edition 4.2ltr V8. 

It would be easier to list what hasn’t been done to the awesome 200bhp 4.2 V8 . Our vendors have a fully documented history of the rebuild, so we will just list the headline items.  

We are told the bottom end of the “rebuilt engine includes new pistons, with new big end and new main bearings. A new timing chain was included. The old oil pump was replaced with a new one.  All the camshaft followers were renewed”.  

The all-important top end was not over-looked in this thorough rebuild. The mechanical replacements include, “ a new set of push rods. A complete set of rockers. A new set of valves were also installed”. 

Aside from the internal engine components a “complete new radiator was fitted.  A whole new eight branch manifold assembly was purchased and fitted and this was mated to a new stainless steel exhaust system”. All of that has done about 1,000 miles.  

The new owner will be running this engine in. 

In addition to the superb engine, the four-wheel drive system was not ignored. All the oils have been drained from the auto box, diff units and transfer box. The oils have been replaced and new filters fitted. On inspection of the transmission system, our vendor decided to replace the front diff unit with a new one. Again invoices are available. 

Turn the ignition key and the fuel injected 4.2ltr behemoth fires instantly settling to that addictive V8 rumble. Engage drive, give the right pedal a press and the LSE immediately propels you along in a sublime rush of rush of power that ignores its 1,930kg kerb weight. It is very lovely indeed. 


The salesman at Guy Salmon had a tough sell when it came to the options list. The LSE had everything as standard. It included luxury items such as Italian Poplar wood trim and Ivory Connolly leather seats, with the front two heated. And yes, they do function as they should. 

Our vendor did not ignore the interior. Like the rest of the car it has had the full treatment. It has had a “full retrim including door cards and carpets. It has also had a new headlining” for good measure. The Ivory coloured Connolly leather looks splendid. We’re told everything is working as it should inside this luxury classic. Heated seats, mirrors, central locking, cruise control, multi CD player, are all good. 

Because this LSE is a rare, long-wheel base version, the interior is not only luxurious, it is spacious. The special touches that make a difference such as the picnic tables and drinks cabinets (booze not included!) are still there and in perfect condition. The pictures tell their own story of how good the interior is. As the vehicle has only covered around 1,000m since the rebuild the interior is in pristine condition ready for the new owner. We hesitate to say showroom condition, but you get the picture. 


The near five thousand pounds spent on the professional respray says it all.  

The coachwork on this timeless classic Range Rover looks exquisite. Other than a wash and polish the new owner will not be needing to spend time or money on this particular Range Rover’s paint work.  

Before a drop of paint was sprayed to this classic, our fastidious vendors ensured everything was okay with the body. New inner front wings were fitted. The rear cross member was replaced. New inner and outer sills were replaced and finally the boot floor repaired.  

This classic has had a thorough bodywork re-furb. 

Suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres 

The Vogue LSE LWB Classic, to give the vehicle its full name, was introduced in Sept 1992. Making this 1993 model the last before the second generation Range Rover arrived in 1994. 

On this late, first generation, Ranger Rover a raft of new features were introduced that had never been seen before. The Vogue LSE had an eight-inch increase in the wheelbase and a new 200bhp 4.2-litre version of the V8 engine. Special features included electronic traction control and amazingly, automatic electronic air suspension, both world firsts for an off-road vehicle. 

Once our vendors had completely rebuilt the engine, transmission, interior and exterior, there was no way they were going to cut corners and disregard the wonderful suspension set-up. 

The system has been checked and rebuilt. The “rebuilt suspension comes complete with polyurethane bush kit. New air bags, new air pump and new shock absorbers were fitted all round”.  

Five new tyres were fitted but before doing so, new discs, pads, calipers and brake pipes were replaced. 

The attention to detail is amazing.  

Our view. 

Is the Range Rover the world’s finest 4×4? Is this 1993 Range Rover Classic Vogue LSE 4.2 V8 the finest 4×4 we’ve seen come to market for a long while? Outside of the £250,000 Land Rover Reborn programme, probably yes again. 

There are a plethora of Range Rovers on the market at any one time. There is one to suit every taste and budget. From a complete project, to a well sorted one, right up to factor rebuilt one, for, ahem, £259 grand, ta very much. 

It is an absolute pleasure to see and be able to market one like this. This is the best model in one of the finest conditions we’ve seen. 

Engine – sorted. Body – sorted. Interior – sorted. Suspension – sorted. 

That sums it up really. The new owner is getting a thoroughly, very well sorted, fully functional rare Vogue LSE that someone else has spent all the money on.  

Having covered 1,000m since rebuild, it will go on for some time before needing any major expense. And as time passes and these LSE become even more scarce, the value is only going up. 

Bidding will be busy and the Reserve is very sensible given the time and money spent.  A great car. 

Vehicle Location: Devon EX22 – It’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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