1996 BMW M3 Evolution Convertible E36 *SOLD*

MODELM3 Convertible E36
COLOURHellrot Red
INTERIORBlack Leather

1996 BMW M3 Evolution Convertible E36 *SOLD*

  • Warranted 54k mileage
  • Rare 6 speed Manual
  • Stunning condition
  • Same owner for the last 10 years
  • This 1996 BMW M3 Evolution Convertible E36 sold for £15,600
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  • Warranted 54k mileage
  • Rare 6 speed Manual
  • Stunning condition
  • Same owner for the last 10 years

When the second generation of the BMW M3 came onto the market in 1992, it initially seemed as if the engineers had educated the previously un-adapted sports coupe to become a thoroughly cultivated gentleman. For many BMW M watchers, their first impression of the successor to the rebellious BMW M3 E30 was that it was relatively reserved. In fact, the second BMW M3 took it to a whole new level of everyday practicality right from the start. This was not without underlining its typical M character with the help of plenty of racing technology. Thus, the M3 E36 preserved the fire that ignited its legendary predecessor and pioneer and at the same time found its own identity on new paths.

Now thirty years old, the BMW M3 has finally established itself as a classic in its own right with the ubiquitous term of “Modern Classic” well and truly dropped.  The fact that the M3 E36 has been appreciating for a few years now just affirms that claim, in fact it even adds to the obvious point that it is probably the best time financially to become an owner of one of these fantastic cars.

With our BMW M3 being the even more sought-after convertible model with a warranted 54k mileage, a six speed manual gearbox and in stunning condition, we expect you will want to move quickly in securing this fine example.


Our vendor who owns and runs an independent vehicle service centre knows a thing or two about cars, so when he decided that he wanted to add the iconic BMW M3 Convertible to his collection he went about searching high and low for the best example he could find.

Eventually settling on this stunning example with only 4 previous owners and at the time of purchase only 33k mileage he had found “The One”.  With both keys and all the manuals and service books present plus a three-inch-thick documents pack, including previous MOTs and invoices (some are included in the Image Gallery), the new owner will be sure to repeat that same confidence-inspiring purchase that our vendor originally experienced.

Having now owned the M3 for over ten years averaging a couple of thousand miles yearly in that time, the current mileage is 54k, our vendor has decided to let it go to someone that can enjoy it more than he currently has time to.


Wow, with the roof down there aren’t many cars that carry those sleek lines and deliver such a recognisable shape as the M3 Convertible.  Allied to the straight six engine’s glorious sound there is no chance of driving around inconspicuously, well not until you pop the roof up, then it’s a different matter.  The aerodynamic mirrors and M badges may give away the fact you are in the mighty M3 but without an eagle eye you could be in any other smart mid-size car from the nineties or noughties.

This particular example in Hellrot Red paintwork is in stunning condition, in fact our vendor is immensely proud to share that in his line of business he has seen many of these BMW M3s over the years and is confident enough to share that his M3 is in better condition than all of them.  Just pore over those images and we think you will join us in agreeing with his view that this example really is in stunning condition.  At a push and with a very keen eye you may find a couple of small stone chips on the front bumper, what 54k, almost thirty year old car doesn’t have a few of them these days? But let’s not be fooled, apart from that, there is nothing other to report. We’re told that you really won’t find any scuffs or dents anywhere else on the immaculate panel work.

As you would expect from such a well looked after car, the roof operates as it should and is in great nick with no rips or holes, in black it looks splendid against that Hellrot Red paintwork.


Climbing into the M3 the first thing you will notice is that the usual bolster wear, that is often present on these models, is in fact absent. In fact the black leather is in fantastic condition all round with nothing whatsoever to report.  Still present, is the factory wind deflector, another surprising addition to this lovely car, as you will be aware these often get mislaid.  Surprisingly, these deflectors work extremely well at any speed.

We are always highly expectant of the famous German build quality and it will not surprise you to read that this interior will not disappoint.  As expected, everything works perfectly with all the ancillaries working as they should, even the air conditioning blows cool air into the perfectly formed cabin.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

The twin spoke M3 wheels look fantastic although unfortunately a couple do show the very smallest of blemishes, and we do mean very small blemishes.  Another positive is that they won’t be needing expensive new rubber anytime soon as they have at least six or seven millimetres of tread all round.

Again, as expected our vendor knows what he is talking about when he says the suspension is perfect with no knocks, squeaks or wear showing.  Being an M series car those in the know appreciate just how well the M3 drives, with a massive, almost cultlike following, the M3 truly is one of the best handling cars ever produced, even in modern terms you will still be impressed with how it drives.


Well, what can be said about the iconic straight six engine that was fitted to the second generation M3.  We’ll start with the technical stuff as these 3.2 litre straight six engines really are what makes this such an iconic car.

For the M3 Evolution E36, BMW introduced several revisions to improve performance. Bore and stroke were increased to 86.4mm and 91mm for a total capacity of 3201cc while the compression ratio rose to 11.3:1. Double-Vanos was introduced and lightweight pistons were fitted along with graphite-coated con rods, larger inlet valves, improved intake and exhaust systems, an improved dual-mass flywheel, secondary oil pump pickup and BMW/Siemens MSS50 engine management. This took power to 321hp at 7400rpm and torque now stood at 258lb ft at 3250rpm, with the S50B32 being the first road-going BMW engine to break the 100hp/litre barrier.

Phew, impressive stuff but what’s it like to drive you ask.  Well strap yourself in and turn the key and the 3.2-litre S50B32 straight-six engine fitted to this M3 convertible will roar into life, pop that rare and sought after manual gearbox into first, drop the clutch and you will soon find that this engine is a heartless destroyer of speed limits. Thanks to around 316bhp the car is good for a 0-60mph time of around 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 170mph with the limiter removed.

Rev it past 5000rpm to get that double Vanos kick, at which point the car will pull hard and smooth all the way to its 7400rpm limit. In third gear, you’re well into triple figures, accompanied by a cacophony of engine and exhaust notes that remind you to look at the speedo and then back off the throttle by at least 50 per cent if you want to keep your licence.

A true piece of spectacular engineering from our German friends….  Wow!

Our view

Although getting harder to find in good condition, let alone exemplary examples such as this truly iconic classic car, plus with prices rising quicker than your heart rate when driving it, you won’t find a better time to dip into BMW M3 ownership, especially in convertible guise.

One of the quickest appreciating models that has been reserved very sensibly we don’t see this fantastic example hanging around for long.

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