2001 BMW 728i Individual *SOLD*

MODEL728i Individual
COLOURMetallic blue
INTERIORCream with black head lining wood effect black carpet

2001 BMW 728i Individual *SOLD*

  • Extremely low reserve
  • Loads of new parts
  • Fastidiously maintained
  • Unbelievable spec
  • New Battery
  • This 2001 BMW 728i Individual sold for £1,500
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  • Extremely low reserve
  • Loads of new parts
  • Fastidiously maintained
  • Unbelievable spec
  • New Battery

The E38 BMW 7 Series range is becoming a very highly desirable modern classic, not least because it offers the rare opportunity to drive a classically styled car that is stuffed to the gunnels with the sort of modern safety and convenience features we’ve all come to know, love and rely on.

This 728i Individual is fitted with the 2.8-litre, 190bhp straight-six engine that is both smooth and powerful, while also being decently economical in a time when the fuel prices are so high, returning 28-30mpg in everyday use; if you’re looking for something you can use for commuting as well as fun then the 728i will suit your needs much better than one with a V8 or V12 engine under the bonnet…

This particular 728i is an Individual model and those that know are aware that these were individually spec’d and were almost always delivered with more extras and options than the standard 728i’s.  This Individual certainly delivers as it has a spec list second to none, with a list of gadgets and gizmos as long as your arm and too much to list but to give you and idea of what was spec’d along with every conceivable gizmo it has a TV, yep a TV in the centre consul, just don’t get caught watching it sitting in traffic.

Our vendor advises that this 728i has had five previous owners and will come with two keys, the owners handbook, the V5 and a workshop manual that cost nearly one hundred pounds, we will come back to that later.

Our vendor has reluctantly decided to sell this car as his health has, in the last year, deteriorated to the extent that he can now only drive an adapted car, unfortunately he has been advised that his beloved 728i can not be adapted, hence the reluctant decision.

Unfortunately, our vendor found out after he had purchased the car that it has at some point been deemed a category D uneconomical repair.  Those that understand these categories will be aware that a D categorised car will mean that it had a claim against it that would have hit over 60% of the current value of the car, this could have been as minor as a key scratch along one side of the car or a minor shunt to a bumper, with the price of original BMW parts it is very easy to write a luxury car off when the values are so low.  Either way you will soon read how well this car has been maintained and with an extremely realistic reserve that has priced this car to sell someone is going to grab a seriously well sorted car for a bargain as it has to go to make room for our vendors new adapted car.


This facelifted model was delivered with Avus Blue metallic paintwork, and with its cream leather, is arguably, the best colour combination and the first owner that spec’d this 728i Individual choose wisely in our opinion as it just looks right.  Although this 728i is not perfect you will agree that it looks striking and with a little TLC could be perfect.  We are aware that there are a couple of areas where slight bubbling has appeared and were it not for the previously mentioned mobility issues our vendor would have had them rectified, unfortunately that job will be for our winning bidder.

We start at the rear and can see that the slim rear panel below the bootlid and above the bumper is showing some signs of rust bubbles. The bumpers, both front and rear are in great condition with some minor age related marks. The vendor has purchased new black bumper trims for both bumpers that will be supplied with the car.  He has even replaced the rear lamps with brighter more modern types along with new replacement kidney grilles which will also be supplied with the car, looking at the ones fitted there are the smallest stonechips but such was our vendors want to get this looking its best he decided to change them anyway, although extremely simple to fit it will be another minor job for the winning bidder.

Moving around the car you will see that the right hand door has some slight bubbling at the bottom edge and the left hand front wing has some on the arch area, apart from those areas the bodywork is in fantastic condition, take a few steps back and this really is a lovely car.

All minor imperfections that can easily and cheaply be rectified.  This is literally a few hundred quid from being a very, very good example.


As you would expect from the pinnacle of BMWs line up when this was released, it is absolutely awash with luxury. The stunning cream leather complements the blue metallic paintwork and is actually in virtually perfect nick with the only blemish being some slight wear to the driver’s seat bolster.  A cheap fix for a perfect interior.

The equipment list in the 728i was very impressive to start with and being an Individual it genuinely wants for nothing inside, with everything working perfectly including the electric seats, the six deck CD player in the boot and that wonderful TV, even the aftermarket Parrot Bluetooth still works.  As you know these BMWs were certainly put together well so with nothing to do inside you can just get into this and drive away in the lap of luxury.

The one thing our vendor did point out was that he disconnected the boot release as he often carried his tools in the boot and did not want to risk losing them to some unscrupulous type, either way that is a simple job for someone to reconnect it.

Engine, Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

With the flagship V12s being avoided like the plague at the moment the straight six 2.8 is the one to have, especially with the previous stated figures of relatively low MPG when driven properly.

Now this is where you will realise what a great example this is as our vendor is a retired mechanic who spent his career maintaining cars and buses for a living and has maintained what has been his pride and joy himself since its ownership.  We said we would come back to that one-hundred-pound workshop manual, now you know why it will come with the car.

As you will see from the video the straight six engines are already smooth, this one could have a pound coin balanced on it and it would stay upright, not wanting for anything this is wonderfully sorted example.

Using that previously mentioned manual he has effectively created a car that literally wants for nothing, just prior and during covid and before his mobility issues curtailed him the car was treated to the extensive list below

  • Full Service including plugs oil and filter etc..
  • New rocker cover gasket
  • Mass airflow replace (Throttle box)
  • Front knock sensor replaced (Lambda Sensor)
  • Gear selector replaced
  • Left hand rear Hub (driveshaft bearings) replaced
  • Front suspension springs replaced
  • Rear suspension struts and springs replaced
  • Crankshaft sensor replaced
  • Fuel Tank replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced
  • Radiator and top hose replaced
  • Header tank and thermostat replaced
  • Waterpump replaced
  • All the brake disks and pads replaced
  • Recent rear tyres
  • Front tyres replaced in 2019
  • New Battery fitted April 2022

Even with 176k mileage, and let’s be honest these straight sixes are only just run in at that mileage, we have absolutely no concerns with a car that has been so fastidiously maintained, there really is hardly anything that has not been done on this car.  The beauty of spending your career as a mechanic has its benefits and the 728i has indeed reaped the rewards from that.

Our view

As we have already mentioned, this car will be sold in this auction as the vendor has no way of driving it and will need the driveway space for his new adapted car.  Such a shame for him to reluctantly let his pride and joy go but his loss is almost certainly someone else’s gain and in this instance what a gain that will be.  Yes, it does have that marker on it but the car is priced accordingly, in fact it is priced to sell and will be a genuine bargain, the winning bidder will be taking ownership of an extremely well-maintained luxury saloon that was once the pinnacle of luxury motors.

Our vendor has even had the 728i valeted prior to its collection, you just could not ask for more. Images at the bottom of the gallery!

A serious amount of car for snip of its original price.

Vehicle Location: Epsom, Surrey KT19– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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