Isn’t it fascinating how vehicles are still being found in barns – just HOW many barns are out there?!  

The latest one to grab my attention was featured on The Late Brake Show YouTube channel which shows the very watchable Jonny Smith help unearth a Lamborghini Espada which had been resting there for over 30 years. In surprisingly good nick, the dusty and somewhat poo covered Italian has since been taken to Mitchells Auctions in Cockermouth and is due to go under the hammer early December. I shall watch with interest. 

Speaking of sheds full of classics, it’s great to see that Secrets of the Transport Museum has had a second series commissioned by UKTV. This gentle series, on Yesterday Channel, follows the comings and goings at the famous Brooklands site, the birthplace of motor racing which houses hundreds of cars, aircraft, buses and motorcycles. The museum is open every day and really is worth a visit, they host plenty of events too, this Sunday 3rd October it’s Brooklands Mini Day followed by Italian Car Day on the 10th. Check out their what’s on page at and get some tickets booked.  

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