Bicester Heritage has unveiled ‘Bicester Motion’, its masterplan for the creation of the UK’s first automotive resort, with an ambition to become one of the country’s top 20 tourist and leisure destinations.
We are blessed in the UK with a number of iconic motoring venues, Silverstone, Brooklands, Brands & Goodwood to name just a few. Now a new name is set to rival those venues; Bicester Motion.

A wonderfully ambitious plan has been revealed by Bicester Heritage with a vision to create a unique & immersive automotive resort providing a showcase of the motoring past, present and future. The plans include;

  • A massive 444 acre resort
  • Driver experience centre
  • Entertainment and accommodation
  • 344 Room Hotel and Conference centre
  • ​The Bicester Reserve including country park and lodges
  • A centre of excellence for Historic Motoring with over 40 specialised businesses, apprenticeship schemes and events

Leading these plans are Bicester Motion’s Chief Executive, Dan Geoghegan. He commented; “The automotive industry is in a fascinating state of flux. Bicester Motion will enable both new and existing manufacturers to interact more effectively.  It will offer a lifestyle experience beyond just cars on tracks or visiting a showroom.  The automotive world is changing, and we plan to offer a first-of-its-kind resort that will have multi-generational appeal.”
We cannot wait!

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