Wowsers, did you see Max Chilton break the Goodwood Hill record last weekend in his McMurtry Spéirling fan car?

He left the start line in a flash and achieved a time of 39.08 seconds. What a machine, and what a driver! Take 39.08 second out of your day to watch the run..

Marina and Ital Register Nation Rally

It’s the Morris Marina Owners Club & Ital Register National Rally this weekend and I can safely say that I will be breaking no land speed records in Ivan as we tootle around Derbyshire!

Saturday’s run will take us from Denstone, through the Peak District to picturesque Matlock and on to Ambergate where will be visiting the fabulous Great British Car Journey

Sunday’s show and shine at Swanwick Junction – Midland Railway Butterley is going to be a real treat too, who doesn’t love a steam train?

For me though, being part of a convoy of Marinas and Itals as they glide gracefully across the countryside is going to be the icing on the cake. A real feast for the eyes. Okay, okay, I may have my rose tinted glasses on. One thing is for certain though, we will chat and we will laugh. There’s no better medicine!

Auction Update

We’ve had some amazing sales in the past week and have a hanger full of new classics coming in. So look out for Tuesday’s live auctions newsletter for more. In the meantime, bids are lively on the following:

Check out all of the new lots on our Auctions page

Time to go and do those last minute checks on the Ital, have a great weekend.


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