An exciting new edition of the iconic Rally, the Paris-Dakar, has been set up for classic cars and bikes. We take a look.

The new event is being run by a team who know a thing or two about these things, Bespoke Rallies.

The organisers are welcoming all classic machines but the event is firmly aimed at the early Dakar bikes that inspired the first range of ‘adventure bikes’ we’ve come to love today. The Africa Twins, the GS, Ténérés, Elefants and XTs.

You Tube celeb Harry Metcalfe will be gracing the event on one of his many classic off-road machines. Harry’s garage – YouTube

The 20-day itinerary looks a little…what’s the word…daunting. We’ll keep track for you from the comfort of our comfy sofas. But if anyone is thinking of having a go #WishWeHadTheGuts head over to Let us know if you’re thinking of having a go!

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