Unusually for classic car auctions it was free to enter the recent Coys auction at the Excel London.  Did it turn out value for money or do you get what you pay for?
​A confession. We are lucky enough to attend loads of classic car auctions. That’s not the confession. Overall, we probably spend, maybe £200,000 a year. Not big, big money, but big enough for us. Therefore, when we attend an auction it does jar a little when we have to pay 20 quid to get in. But, hey-ho.  We had reason to re-think our miserable miserly ways recently when we attended Coys auction at the London Classic Car Show at Excel recently.
At this auction the good people of Coys decided to not charge to enter. We were jubilant. At last, free entry.
After about ten minutes in the auction our jubilant attitude drained away. It was like being on a tube train in rush hour London. Standing room only. Trying to get around the cars was near impossible. Any hope we had of properly assessing the cars for sale was a total illusion.
It is of course fabulous to see so many people enjoying classic cars, wonderful. But when you’re trying to do a days work in the middle of everyone else’s leisure time…..
Are we turning into grumpy old gits? Hopefully not.
It’s always good to work out whether things you’re paying for are a cost or a value isn’t it.

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