The other week I attended a car event which gave me lots of smiles for lots of different reasons. One reason being that most of the cars on show weren’t particularly special, rare or of high value. My friend Keith and I turned up in a rather bland Renault (sorry Keith), we parked next to a Volvo, just across the way from a Skoda. I think you’re getting the gist. It was ace.

The Project

Another reason for the silly grin on my face was down to the average age of the attendees – it was just so good to see the younger generation getting involved – we need to keep them enthused!

One man with that mission in mind is Bob Wilkinson. After spending many years owning, restoring and driving classics (as well as having a prominent role in events which were aimed at encouraging a new generation of classic owner) he wanted to do something rather special to help them.

And right there…the Classic Car Loan Project was born.

The Project gives drivers aged 25+ the chance to use a classic car for a year as an extended driving experience. This fabulous opportunity is possible due to the generosity of private owners and clubs who have offered cars into the project. There are no hire or loan charges, all that’s required is that the car is looked after as if it were your own. Magic!

Owners Clubs

Looking to join an Owners Club or contact one to get some advice? Look no further, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of the UK clubs that can provide invaluable advice about your classic; be it technical specs, hunting down a spare part, joining a car meet or the discounts and benefits that come with membership.

If you’d like us to list your club, just click HERE, and off you go. Your contributions will help build the biggest UK club listing on the interweb…and best of all, it’s free!

Right, I’m off to do another lap of the NEC just in case I missed anything!

Enjoy your weekend, have fun and keep smiling,


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