As football star David Beckham takes a stake in electric car company, Lunaz, we ask is this another electrify goal or does he hit the bar?

Paparazzi pics of Beckham in super-cars were bread and butter for the tabloids at the peak of his career. So it is no surprise to many to see him invest in a brand synonymous with electric conversions of cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. But now his interest seems to be in more mundane vehicles, bin lorries!

The ex-Man United man has invested in a 10% share of Lunaz, the Silverstone-based company that converts top end classic cars like Rolls-Royce, Jaguar & Range Rover. A Lunaz classic conversion for a Range Rover starts at £250,000, for a historic Roller prices are £350,000 plus.

So, we asked how did we move from high end to garbage end investment? David Lorenz of Lunaz explains. “When David was down at Lunaz, I couldn’t really not mention the planned commercial applications, because we had a lorry sitting right there,” Lorenz went on. “I started discussing the wider applications of what we were doing with industrial vehicles, and that got around to a discussion about investment.”

Lunaz hopes to able to use the same engineering logic and apply it to bin lorries. In fairness the logic does make sense. Bin lorries run short, planned, predictable routes, there is space to slot in the battery packs where engine, fuel tank and exhaust cleaning technologies used to be and the cost of conversion is around half the cost of a new lorry, according to the Lunaz team.

So, Beckham moves from baby Bentley to bin lorry with the grace and pace he glided across the Old Trafford turf. The best of British to him.

We did try and reach David for comment. He was unavailable.

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