With 42 years under it’s belt the organisers must know something about organising a motoring pageant, Evoke was not going to miss it so we grabbed the keys to the Mini and the XJS and off we went..

Who knew Enfield Town was the first place in the world to have an ATM! a cashpoint to you and I.  Quite apt considering that everything on the day need to be paid for in cash and guess who didn’t stop at the so called world famous cashpoint on the way………

After scrambling around and digging down the back seats of the Mini Jubilee and the glorious XJS we did manage to cobble together enough for the entrance fee and to buy a few bits and bobs for the office.

After that little drama we did eventually start to enjoy the day, and what a day it was!  With a substantial autojumble, you just gotta love digging around boxes of tat, did I say tat? I meant interesting boxes of interesting artefacts from the classic car scene, more classic cars than you can shake a rusty old gear stick at, loads of owners clubs, the usual fare of fast food stalls, a fairground and to top it all off there was even a motorbike trick show.

We set off starting at the autojumble section and couldn’t help being distracted by the weird, wonderful and interesting bits and bobs, eventually settling on a few bits for the showroom (see below) and a few for our showroom shelves.  After pestering him for a while I did eventually drag Chris away, although by then he had spent what little cash we had left…

Gulf stools

​The next stop was the vast array of classic cars on show, wandering around we met Ron who had a lovely type 2 Bay window Camper for sale, we did actually consider taking off his hands for one of our lovely customers but it was just outside the budget that was set, we’ll keep searching for that one.  We then perused everything from fast Fords to E-types chatting cars at every opportunity.  It does amaze me how time flies when we are chatting cars.

Noticing it was way past lunchtime and knowing Chris had spent all our money we spead past the vast array of pasties and burgers to arrive at the owners club section, again it didn’t disappoint there either, what a great show this is!  Stopping to chat to the guys on the Landrover owners pitch we learned lots about the mindboggling array of Series 1 Landrovers, these are seriously cool cars and going up in value as we speak.  You may even see one landover (see what I did there) in our showroom sometime soon.

Due to the increasingly loud rumblings of our stomachs we kept moving, even Chris was regretting spending all our money at the autojumble now, our next stop was at the fantastic Motorbike trick show, we know it’s not classic cars, don’t tell anyone but we also have a bit of a soft spot for motorbikes too, anyway the table top jumps and tricks were mightily impressive.
Time was dragging on and our stomachs were moaning louder than a splitscreen camper going uphill so we swerved the fairground and headed out back to the Mini and Jag.  First stop on the way home was to fill our bellies and marvel on what a fantastic day we had just had.

Thanks so much to all those that shared their passion with us, we believe we really do have the best job in the world.

p.s. don’t go to a classic car show without any cash.

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