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    Everywhere we look it seems that classics are being electrified, Mini Coopers (who does that!) E-types, Beetles, Bentleys, the list is endless.

    Is it bordering on heresy or should we just shrug and move on? #Struggling


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    If it keeps them on the road I don’t have a problem with it, But if it’s just being done for the sake of saying you’ve done it then that is more heresy. With the limited use most get it’s really not worth doing (yet).
    I’ve seen and posted elsewhere an E-Type where the conversion is fully reversible which was good


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    If it keeps them in use, then it’s good. Too often people say, if you don’t look back then you’ve bought the wrong car. So we buy cars for their looks, park them in a field and let others admire.

    Some engines shouldn’t be removed though, my Spiders 2.0 Twinspark sets hairs rising at 6k. A first generation SLK (r170) 230k engine is quiet and could easily be swapped. A Ford Cortina 1.6 – no loss to automotive history.

    Mmm… Electric Crayford Cortina. 🤩

    Exciting and interesting times.

Viewing 3 posts – 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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