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    I didn’t say any of them work 🤣

    Just like the cars, there can be a huge amount of enjoyment for people at any part of the collecting spectrum …… you know me Sarah and you’ve never seen me bling it up with Rolex yet, a nice Casio maybe, but I’ve always got to be careful that I don’t scratch the cars in polishing ;-)


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    One more is always, not quite enough. But you can only drive one at a time. I’m at three for the moment, two modern classics and a daily diesel. I also appear to be paying for an EV but I never get to drive it, and no2 sons Fiesta as he’s at Uni. Technically given it’s a low mileage MkIV (‘97) I suppose that’s ee modern classics. 🤓


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    97 fiesta… Nearly 25 years old now.
    All day long, that’s a classic 😍


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    six classic cars and about eight classic bikes certainly keeps me on my toes, I hate dead vehicles so they pretty much all work and most are road ready


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    Great stuff !! I reckon if you have the time and the space, then why not!

Viewing 5 posts – 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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