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    The corvette in many forms was supposed to be the American sports car. There have been and still are many high hp power plants from the factory. Does that make them muscle cars? There’s no denying the fact that many cars were muscle cars such as ss camaros, chevelles, chargers and challengers and many other late 60s and 70s classic muscle cars still exist, but what makes a car a muscle car? My 2002 C5 corvette to me is a fantastic very capable fast and powerful sports car, with targa top roof making it almost convertible, but it is much more refined than a hard to control almost brutal muscle car. Dont get me wrong, I love both types for what they are! I also own a big late 70s land yacht which I also adore and a big American 4 x 4 too. I love them all as they are as different from each other as you can get, but each is quenticentially American and I love them all !

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    Hi Mark,
    American muscle cars are 2 door cars with a large displacement V8 engine, usually with flared arches and bonnet scoupes.
    In my opinion the Corvette falls into this category.

    Hope that this helps mate.

    Kind Regards


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    I think I agree with the yes, but of the two US cars that make my top ten driven list I would say the Cadillac CTS-V is closer to the stereotype ?


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    I’d say no
    Muscle cars in my eyes are your Chargers, GTO’s, Mustangs etc.
    Although the Corvette has a big V8 its fundamentally a sportscar like the Trans Am.


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    the corvette is a sports car, advertised as Americas only sports car. Camaros/mustangs/firebirds etc are pony cars unless they have the large engine option, which makes them muscle cars

    Chris Oliver

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    What about a Mercury Comet?


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    Ive never really understood what those Sports car / Pony car / Muscle car categories are about, i guess it must all make sense to Americans. All i know is, in my opinion the c1/c2/c3 Vettes are among the best looking cars ever made and they make a beautiful lazy American V8 rumble, thats good enough for me. Personally, im not really bothered what category they fit into.

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