Hagerty are very well respected for their price tracking index of classic cars. They revealed some classic car surprises in their latest Report. We took a look.

The bench mark Hagerty Price Guide (HPG) actively tracks market values and gives everyone in the industry pretty accurate idea of where prices are. The very latest HPG reveals what they affectionately term ‘unexceptional’ cars have massively jumped in value..

Models such as the Ford Cortina, Renault 4, Hillman Imp, Austin Princess have all enjoyed big price hikes.

The one that stands out for us – and one of our favourites is the Allegro. Prices for Allegros have soared by as much 20%! Fiesta, Cavalier and Metro have all followed suit.

John Mayhead, Head of Automotive Intel for Hagerty (what a job!) gives a great explanation. “These everyday cars are becoming increasingly rare. For decades the vast majority were unloved workhorses that would eventually be sold for scrap at best. Now, with rarity on their side and nostalgia tugging at the heartstrings, enthusiasts are snapping up the remaining examples, sometimes because of an emotional connection and sometimes perhaps because they feel a duty to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations.” Isn’t that last bit from JM just fabulous news.

Ordinary classic car prices now appear to be outstripping the halo brand models such as E-type and Ferrari. To reinforce their point Hagerty helpful produce a simple table of top ten rises, we replicate that below.

1965-1970 Triumph 1300 increase           20.4%
1962-1966 Ford Cortina Mk1 increase     19.4%
1973-1982 Austin Allegro increase           20.0%
1962-1980 Renault 4 increase                   10.6%
1963-1976 Hillman Imp increase              10.1%
1970-1976 Ford Cortina Mk3 increase     7.8%
1968-1979 Renault 16 increase                  7.4%
1975-1981 Autsin Princess increase          5.1%
1987-1994 Alfa Romeo 33 increase          4.4%

And according to the HPG, 10 more unexceptional models are climbing in value. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Make/model                      Years                    2020 Avg.            2021 Avg.            % Rise

Alfa Romeo Giulietta       1980-1985           £2319                   £2419                    4.3
Ford Fiesta (Mk2)             1986-1989           £3800                  £3956                   4.1
Austin Metro                     1980-1990           £2144                   £2213                    3.2
Ford Sierra                         1982-1993           £3466                   £3566                   2.9
Vauxhall Cavalier (Mk1)  1979-1979            £3677                   £3777                   2.7
Ford Cortina (Mk2)          1967-1970           £7550                    £7753                   2.7
Wolseley 1100                    1965-1968           £4050                   £4150                   2.5
Wolseley 1300                   1967-1973            £4475                   £4575                   2.2
Hillman Hunter                1966-1977           £5158                    £5250                   1.8
Peugeot 304                     1969-1980           £4675                   £4750                   1.6

So, the data is the data and the prices are the prices. But the best bit for us? All of these wonderful everyday accessible classic cars will be on display at the now world-famous Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional, the concours event dedicated to unexceptional classic cars which will be staged at Grimsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire, on 31 July. We’ll see you there.

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