In an occasional series of articles, we’ll bring you news of events, shows and meets in various areas. Here’s one we love; we hope you will too.

It is great to attend the big one-off events, but the monthly meet-up and chat with like-minded regulars are the ones we love best. We were double pleased to see the Haynes Motor Museum kick starting their very popular Breakfast Meets.

The Haynes Breakfast Club began in 2015, which seems like an age ago, but with the interruption of the pandemic it means they’ve only been going a few short years. Despite that, the classic meets have become a regular event for many, sometimes attracting nearly 1,000 classic cars.

The events are run on the first and second Sunday of each month at Haynes International Motor Museum and brings together like-minded classic enthusiasts to meet and share their automotive passion as well as enjoying a lovely breakfast. Interestingly the classic car meet is split into two meetings. The first is a ‘Future Classics’ meet (post 1980 cars) on the 1st Sunday of the month and the second ‘Vintage and Classics’ meet (pre 1980) on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

What is also great is the multi award winning venue re-opened fully on the 17 May 2021. Haynes International Motor Museum. Sparkford, Yeovil. BA22 7LH.

Or check out our Evoke Classics Events page for details of upcoming dates:

PS Bikers are also welcome to join both events.

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