E-types are special. We all know that. The one you see here must be one of the most exceptional E-types anywhere in the world.
On March 15, 1961, Jaguar launched the E-Type at the Geneva Car Show. This E-type was the very first to be shown to the press when revealed at an exclusive preview near the shores of Lake Geneva. The car appeared on the official public stand the next day and the rest is history.
It was, without question star of the show. It caused Enzo Ferrari to utter his famous quote, “this is the most beautiful car ever made”. He wasn’t jealous


Two months after driving the crowd crazy at Geneva, the E-type was registered for road use. And then promptly disappeared from view. The car re-appeared in 1999 when it was purchased by someone from the University of Lausanne. It finally ended up in the hands of private Swiss collector and has enjoyed a careful restoration.
What next for this Big Cat? It is now up for sale. If you have just a smidgen under £1.0m it could be yours. As in 1961, we can all dream

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