In March 1971 the Geneva International Motor Show provided the backdrop for the debut of the Maserati Bora.

Maserati commissioned Giorgetto Giugiaro to come up with a mid-mounted rear engine sports car with enhanced performance, design, comfort and safety. He started with the engine, a 4.7ltr V8 producing 310 bhp, mounted lengthways on a subframe installed on the monocoque.

He then turned his attention to design. Giugiaro really pushed to boat out here. The result was a sleek, low slung, slender profile, with a splendid tapered front punctuated with two rectangular air vents. To top the look off the Trident rested in the centre. Awe struck on-lookers gaze was then draw to the perfectly crafted side panels that ended with the beautifully styled Kamm tail.

Giugiaro had one last element of the brief to finish, performance and comfort. The Bora combined both in spades. A near silent interior coupled with 150mph top speed meant the Bora was a dream to drive. The entire package resulted in a trend-setting, streamlined car perfect for the rock-and-roll spirit of the ‘70s. The Bora looks as good today as it did them. Happy Birthday Bora.

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