MGB. Once we’ve said those three little letters you immediately know the car. But like many others do you only think of the early chrome bumper models and quickly erase any thought of the later rubber (actually polyurethane, but let’s not fall out this early in the blog) model? Many enthusiasts do. Or more accurately, did previously. Is it about time for the later cars to shine? We think so.

MGB started with the Roadster in 1926 and added the GT in 1965 The chrome bumper models ended in 1974 with production ending completely in 1980. There are a lot of chrome bumper cars around and they represent real good value.

The biggest down reason enthusiast turn away seems to be simple aesthetics. You can buy a great value post ’74 model and convert it to wire wheels and chrome bumpers. By the time you’ve down that you probably should have simply bougth a pre-74 model in the first place. That, to our mind says there is nothing wrong with the rubber bumper MGB’s except the rubber bumpers. And therefore there is no reason no to buy one, quite the reverse. There is everyone reason to grab one. Here’s a few quick reasons why.


They are great daily drivers. We know plenty who do. We’d much rather commute in an MGB than a Nissan Qhasqi! Nothing wrong with a Qashqi, just saying. It will give decent MPG and there is room in the back for the shopping run too. It’s small status allows ease of parking and that nippy engine means you can have some fun too.

Cost of ownership

If you were inclined, you can do everything yourself. The are simple to work on and everything is easily available and cheap. If you weren’t inclined to change to plugs and oil annually because of their popularity there are plenty of friendly garages who will do your dirty work for you at at price that won’t make your eyes water. Try getting a Qashqi serviced!

Fun factor

Where to start. There is a fabulous community scene with MGB’s probably the UK’s biggest. They’ll never turn you away and you’ll meet some great people. The weekend away. Pop and overnight bag in the back jump in and this car will live easily on the M-way and will quickly gobble up a couple of hundred miles, which is just far enough away from the kids, but not far to get back when they set the fire alarm off. Taking the long way round. Getting off the M-way and taking in some lovely B roads is where the MGB really shines. What a great way to get to your destination.

Price and what to buy

We’d always lean towards the roadster. A tiny negative of the GT for practicality, but a huge plus for the benefit of top down motoring. But honestly, there is nothing to choose.

In engine terms, our first choice would be the V8, closely followed by the MG C, but really, the four pot MGB in either body form is a smashing car.

Prices on rubber bumper B’s are phenomenally good value right now. In four pot form you’ll pick up either model in very good condition for £7,000. The V8 and six pot C’s are more but they are not £20k, you’ll pick either up for anything between £14-17k. There are growing signs prices are creeping up, so if you were hesitating, our advice would be to stop and take the plunge. We guarantee you’ll not regret it!

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