We readily admit we’ve no idea what the collective noun for a group of MG’s is.  A Magnificence, maybe?  Who knows?  What we do know, is MG’s are the backbone of the classic car scene.  When a delivery mileage only MG comes along, we sit up.  When two come along, we jump up.  When three come along….well, we almost fell down.
​Matthewson’s Classic Auction in March had these three marvellous MGs
The MG’s were purchased new, and immediately stuffed in to storage. They have now emerged for sale.
  • The first one is MGB GT 1975 Anniversary Limited Edition sometimes known as the Jubilee model celebrating 50yrs of the MG. That beauty has 112 miles on it.
  • The second is a silver 1981 MGB GT LE model. That one has just 12, yes, twelve miles on it.
  • The final car is a 1979 MG Midget, in orange, with only 72 miles on the clock.
    The cars come from a family with a collection of classic cars.

All of these cars remain covered in factory delivery wax as well as the usual plastic delivery seat covers all in place. One car even has a newspaper from the time on the back seat. It is a rare treat to find three wonderful cars like this and to be honest the punters also thought so as they all sold…..

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