Mini’s are ubiquitous, of course they are. They are literally everywhere. But as time passes the very earliest classic Mini’s are hard to find now. Imagine our delight when we saw our pals at Silverstone Auctions had got their hands on the third oldest classic Mini Cooper 997 S survivor. We had to take a look.

Apparently, the early Mini Coopers were built in two batches, about 150 in July 1961 followed by a second batch in August and September 1961. This one, chassis no KA2S4 159703, rolled off the line on the 21/09/1961. That makes it the 76th built of the second batch and the 226th Cooper produced. More importantly, if you’re still with us, it is confirmed as the 3rd oldest survivor!

Fully restored, twice, by the same owner, who was, seemingly, was a bit of a stickler for period originality it looks fresh as a daisy. It is in classic Mini Cooper colours too, probably the fastest colour as well. The perfect little Mini is a minor celebrity in its own right, aren’t they all, having featured in several centre-spread articles.

Mini’s are lovely, we all know that. Mini Coopers, even more. But a Mini Cooper S. The 3rd oldest living survivor as Mini celebrates its 60th birthday this year…phew. We’re done and off for a lie down now. Just get over to Silverstone Auctions and get bidding. You only live once.

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