Club Administrator Neil Bagley
Telephone: 07930 331873
Chapel Cottage High Catton, York, Yorkshire YO41 1EH, GB YO41 1EH
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Oily Tykes Society is a small group of enthusiasts lead by the enigmatic Paul Garbutt.

Backfire Promotions creates events around anything to do with noise, bikes, cars, transport and vintage vehicles.

We have created unique events with an ethos only enthusiasts can achieve our largest is Race the Waves at Bridlington
Please check pout the details at

We support Backfire Promotions in delivering unique events around Yorkshire.

The Oily Tykes Society is the greatest bunch of misfits life could ever have thrown together. Individuals most definitely but gentlemanly in their approach with an unbelievable desire to assist with the creation of something spectacular. Each person brings with them a unique talent and undefinable sense of humour which is so refreshing to work with. We are all volunteers and slaves to the cause presented.

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