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The Scootacar was a British three wheeled microcar built in Leeds by Scootacars Ltd a division of the railway locomotive builder, the Hunslet Engine Company between 1957 and 1965. The shape of the car was designed by Henry Brown who did it by sitting on a Villiers engine and then having an assistant draw an outline around him! The body was built in glass fibre and was very tall for its size being 60 in (1524 mm) high, 87 in (2210 mm) long and only 52 in (1321 mm) wide. It was nicknamed “the telephone booth”. Back in 1960 the Scootacar was probably the cheapest microcar available.
Two people could be carried with a passenger behind the driver or alternatively just squeezed in alongside. Power came from a Villiers 9E 197 cc single cylinder 2 stroke engine coupled to a four speed motorcycle type gearbox and chain drive to the single rear wheel. Steering was by handlebars. The top speed was 50 miles per hour (80 km/h).

In 1960 came the De Luxe or Mark 2, with a totally redesigned body with more room and seating for three, but it appeared too late to sell in any great numbers. It had a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h) and sold for 275 British Pounds.
In 1961 the De Luxe Twin Mark 3 cars appeared fitted with a 324 cc twin giving a top speed of 68 mph (109 km/h).
Production stopped in 1964 after a total of about 970 Scootacars had been manufactured, approx. 750 being the Mk1 version with only around 20 with the larger engine.

The Scootacar Register was formed in the early 1980’s.with approx. 75 members worldwide. There are some 120 cars known. There is a newsletter “Scootabout” published with a Scootacar Register Manual available and where possible help given with spares and information.

The main aim of the Register is to locate and record all known or previously known Scootacars. The Register also caters for the Rytecraft Scoota-car, although there is no connection except for the name.