Proud mother alert…!! Last weekend my daughter, Lily, attended her first classic car event without me. And she had a ball!

Yep, I left Ivan the Ital in her more than capable hands and off she pootled to the Festival of the Unexceptional to revel in the wonderful sights of blandly coloured classics. Her report on the day later that evening was a joy to listen to, her voice full of enthusiasm as she chatted about the people she’d met, the cars she’d seen, which ones were her favourite, how well the Ital had performed, friends that she had made…and more.

And she got to meet the Hamster. Or should I say the Hamster got to meet Lily and Ivan. EPIC! My job here is done!

Bright Young Sparks

As you know, I’m all for getting more youngsters involved in the classic scene, so I’m delighted to tell you about the Bright Young Sparks initiative from Lancaster Insurance.

In support of the next generation of classic enthusiasts they are looking for nominees aged 16-25 who are striving to be a part of the classic car world, whether they work in the industry or simply enjoy classics as a hobby.

Six finalists will be whittled down to one winner who will win a ‘Classic Car Industry Taster Trip’ where they will spend time with mechanics, specialists, journalists and celebrities.

Please check out THIS LINK and get nominating! Lancaster Insurance are also at the forefront of making it easier to insure young drivers, they put Lily in the driving seat of the Ital without any fuss, so if you’re looking for cover give them a shout on 01480 400885

Auction Update

On the back of the sale of the white Capri 2.8i Special, the Grey version just missed its reserve. So on our vendor’s approval it’s back up again and the current high bid is £14,000 – who will be the winner?

We look forward to watching it whizz off down the road towards the beaming sun on the horizon soon. Check out its auction here.

Update on these live lots:

We have plenty more in the pipeline, so look out for the next newsletter early next week with more details or check up on the current lots on our  Auctions page

And don’t forget we have a Buy It Now section aswell for memorabilia, registrations and vehicles… including these two..

Right, I’m off to wrestle the car keys from Lily 🤣

Have a great week,


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