The wonderful and remarkably overlooked Renault 4 celebrates its 60th birthday this year and the car maker is planning to mark the 60 years since their little R4 first went on sale.

The 4 was Renault’s response to the amazingly popular Citroën 2CV. The R4 was inexpensive, robust, simple and dependable. It launched with a four-cylinder 603cc engine. Over the years it doubled that capacity to 1190cc. The 4 had a separate body and chassis which made it simple to add a commercial variant to the line-up, which customers loved. It quickly became massively popular in its home country, but the 4 was also a huge sales success across the world. The French firm racking-up over 8,000,000 sales of the 4s in over 100 countries.

It is reported that February will see the release of over a dozen illustrations commissioned from sports illustrator Greg to highlight the three decades during which the 4 was sold, and the company’s flagship Champs-Elysée showroom will play host to an exhibition focused on the “Parisienne” edition, replete with weird wicker-pattern bodywork. If you own one of last few remaining models of this wonderful car, send us some pics and we’ll publish on our platforms.

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