Swindon Powertrain released their all electric classic Mini at the London Classic Car Show. It looked smashing.

The experts at Swindon Powetrain have removed the original A-series engine & box, along of course with the fuel system. In their place is a 110bhp electric motor alongside a 24kwh battery pack.

In doing so the conversion frees up space in the boot area making the gorgeous classic Mini even more practical but the downside is they’ve added nearly 200lb to its overall weight. Not exactly mini.

Despite that increased pudding, the manufacturers claim a very respectable set of performance figures of 0-60 in 9.0secs and a top speed of 80mph. That feels fine to us.

The question for all electric cars is, how far will it get you. Swindon claim a creditable 125miles before top ups. Given the Mini, is essentially a town car, that sounds okay to us as well.

In line with progress the good people at Swindon have brought the classic Mini bang up to date. The usual USB ports you’d find in modern cars are all present, along with features such as electric windows and heated screens. That’s not all though. Going one step further, they’ve included underfloor heating too!

That is what we’d call a hot hatch!

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