How to modernise the original Peoples Car?

Everyone knows the iconic Volkswagen Beetle was the car conceived to provide a mass transport solution to Germany in the 1930’s. Albeit it was commissioned by a raging lunatic, Mr A Hitler, who went on to cause death and destruction to the world on an industrial scale, the “Kafer”, shorthand for Beetle, was a roaring success. It stayed in production long after the maniac had gone and remains today one of the most popular cars in the world.

How to improve, modernise and bring it in to the 21st century?

Well, many would say it is sacrilege to even think about it. But, in fairness, the Beetle has gone through many iterations from its original concept. Having done so it remains quintessentially the same car from the very first 25hp 1930’s production. The purists would argue with that, but hey-ho.

So, what’s the big idea? You’ve probably guessed it. It’s electrifying. Literally.

ebeetle electric engine

​Don’t get too excited, unless you’re easily excited like us and you cannot help yourselves, it is only a concept car at this stage. We all know that is how it starts though.

VW have commissioned one of their subsidiaries, to come up with a genuine retro fit package to turn the carbon burning power unit in to an electric one.

Gone is that very familiar, captivating, phutt, phutt, phutt of the flat four engines to be replaced with, well, silence we guess of the electric drive train. The electric unit will push the eBeetle to just under 100mph, with a range of around 125miles. Hmmm…..

As yet, there is no word of pricing, but VW does say the donor vehicles will need to be shipped to Germany for the work to be carried out.

How do we feel? We’re not sure. Is this progression or regression? Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke. Heresy? Or a great idea? A classic is a classic for a reason, we do know that. We need to ponder.

In the meantime. VW looks to be leading the charge in this field, promising solutions soon for the VW Camper and even the 356.

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