Call me strange, but the thought of driving a couple of hours on a super scorching Saturday in June to meet a group of VW enthusiasts really DID float my boat. So off we set – Jo and I – armed with nothing but enthusiasm.
Our calling was to the VW Bug Barn in Kegworth – yes that’s right – we were about to leave the loving bosom of Gods Own County and venture into the metropolis that is Leicestershire, we watered the trusty steed (my Volvo V40), cranked up the tunes and hit the road.
Several wrongs turns later – unfortunately, my co-pilot has a problem remembering her left from her right – we arrived, greeted by several smiling faces and a display of retro VW’s.

Housed in what was a derelict farm building, the Bug Barn is a joy to behold.
The brainchild of our host Patrick who, on meeting, clearly has a passion for the marque, the Bug Barn is a simple but effective place where likeminded people rent a safe, dry, space for a nominal fee where they can fix up their VW’s. With over 40 years of experience between them Patrick and a couple of pals spend their spare time sharing knowledge and tools with members to help them repair, restore and generally keep their classics on the road.

Patrick explained how the barn was just a sad and sorry shell when he discovered it, but with a bit of time and elbow grease they turned it into what feels like a ‘youth club’ for Volkswagens, a tuck room full of goodies, radio on full blast and the delightful aroma of engine oil!

One thing I love about places like the ‘Barn’ is the sense of community and respect. Here we have people from all walks of life investing in one another on such a simple level. The common interest of owning a classic and feeling like you belong to a ‘crowd’ gives some people the ooooomph to get off their back sides. We chatted to Jacqui who proudly introduced us to “Matilda”, she told us how after a long and difficult year the ‘Barn” had become a place where she can escape the realities for a few hours a week and ‘tidy up’ the already lovely Camper.

Of course there are the members who had initially gone under duress, probably the only way they got to spend time with their other ‘alf, only to find themselves forming friendships and actually having a great time!

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