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So, life in the industry began in 1976. Working for a Jaguar Specialist as an apprentice mechanic in Kingston, Surrey. We worked on anything from Mini’s to Rolls-Royce. Jaguar were the mainstay, daily servicing of MK2, E Type, MK10, XJ, etc.

I also worked for Guy Salmon in Thames Ditton. Mr Salmon was a true gentleman, taught me a lot about how to treat people.. worked in Land Rover, Mazda, Honda, all within the Guy Salmon group up until around 2000 when I went to Mondial Assistance with the BMW group. I worked for BMW as a technical trainer until 2015 then started a training company working for them remotely all over the world as a freelance trainer for sales/service.

My motoring history began, quite humbly in a 1973 Wolseley 1300. I had various old bangers up until the age of 21 when I bought a Jaguar E Type for £385. Followed by an S Type, then a few MK2’s. Motorcycles are now my passion, I currently own 9, most of them vintage, my pride and joy is a Vincent.

I have had various old cars recently including old Mercedes’ and Jaguars, but last year managed to achieve my motoring ‘Holy Grail’ a 1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. I used to say to Mr Salmon when I was working on them that ‘one day I would have one of these’. He did encourage me, and I now very proudly have one. My every day car is a BMW i3, I love it, and it kind of makes me feel less guilty when I’m sloshing £100’s worth of 97 octane into the Rolls-Royce!!

Potted motoring history!

Submitted by: Steve Morris

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