Portfolio What’s it like to own.. an MGB Roadster and MGB GT 1962-1980

If you haven’t purchased your MGB yet, get on and do it! They are a great starter classic offering great fun, plentiful spares and specialists to help if you are unable to maintain them yourself, together with two large owners clubs too.

My first classic car was a 1975 MGB GT Jubilee purchased in 1994. It had been restored to a great standard previously and during my six years ownership was little trouble. It started my own classic car journey which has since included a MG Midget, two Triumph Stags, a MGA Roadster and a Mercedes 190E!

Currently I’m running a 1971 MGB roadster and a 1974 MGB GT V8. Both cars are easy to own, drive and enjoy. The added power of the V8 surprises more modern machinery and makes a great tourer.  Submitted by Richard Gill

In 1980 I bought my first MG – it was a 1970 MGB GT in Flame Red. I had it for several years until it went to that great scrap yard in the sky.. may she Rust in Peace.

Five years ago I bought a 1972 MBG Roadster, finished in Tartan Red with chrome wires. She has been restored using a new shell and she is truly beautiful! Submitted by Alan Weyman

Submitted by: MGB owners

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