1951 Jaguar Mk7 Special OTS

MODELMk7 Special OTS

1951 Jaguar Mk7 Special OTS

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  • Once owned by musician and classic car collector Jools Holland
  • A unique, hand built, one-off Special
  • Aluminium bodied
  • Heritage Certificated platform
  • 3.5 litre 160bhp straight six engine
  • Solid document pack
  • Will come with a year’s MOT
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  • Once owned by musician and classic car collector Jools Holland
  • A unique, hand built, one-off Special
  • Aluminium bodied
  • Heritage Certificated platform
  • 3.5 litre 160bhp straight six engine
  • Solid document pack
  • Will come with a year’s MOT

The company that would become Jaguar Cars Ltd went through several iterations. The company started out as the Swallow Sidecar Company, building motorcycle sidecars. The original partners, Walmsley and Lyons then moved into building bodies on the Austin 7 and added Coachbuilding to the name – the Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding Company. Eventually the sidecar business was dropped and the firm focused on building cars.

Production of a new car in 1931, using a custom chassis from the Standard Motor Company, resulted in the SSI, and by 1934, the firm was called S.S. Cars Ltd. The SSII followed, and then the SS90, and finally, the SS100, built between 1937 and 1941. The continued success and expansion of their SS Jaguar range, in particular the sports and saloon cars, would lead to its new name in 1945, Jaguar Cars.

The tradition of constructing Jaguar Specials continued and is a long and proud one.


The platform for this Special is a classic 1951 Jaguar Mk7. There is a Heritage Certificate is in the Gallery.

In the early 1970s the vehicle was exported to New Zealand. Like many classic car enthusiasts, the owner at the time had a passion to own an open-top sports car. Whilst he didn’t quite have the six figure sum required, what he did have, as an expert engineer, was both time and skill.

He hit upon the idea of borrowing the theme of many specialist builders before him, such as the premise of Bentley saloon, he decided to modify it into an open top two-seater. Originating from a saloon donor car, he recreated his own Jaguar Special, now known as “Wee Beastie”.

In the 50’s the race and rallying provenance of Jaguar knew few equals. Jaguar Mk7’s driven by Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn were beating all-comers. With its proven pedigree, the Jaguar Mk7 was the ideal donor car. Not least because the Mk7 came fitted with the legendary XK 120 3.5 litre engine.

In 1992, the Jaguar Special returned to the UK where it remained with the same owner for 8 years. Then the musician and serial classic car collector, Jools Holland was the next owner in 2000.

In 2002 the Special changed hands again and stayed with that owner until 2018.

This is where our vendor Tony picks the story up. He bought the Jaguar Mk7 in late summer 2018, he enjoyed the car for a year. Then Covid hit in 2020 and the country shut down, no spring and summer drives out or attending shows so Tony put the car into a dry, professional storage unit until things became more “normal”.

Then, just as the world emerged from lockdown, Tony found his dream home in the South West of the UK and moved there from Hampshire. Unable to take the car with him, so for most of his ownership, the Jaguar has been in a professional storage unit.

However, he did wistfully share some of the highlights of owning this Jaguar Mk7 Special.

We did take it on a number of Jaguar Drivers Clubs outings, where it attracted a lot of attention, as it always does. The Jaguar has attended The Goodwood Revival Event in 2018/19.

The previous owners also completed the London to Brighton Rally, twice.

We’ve been to numerous local events, including the village VE day celebrations. Best of all has probably been evening drives to the local pubs and restaurants enjoying the Jaguar at its best.”

The specification

This Jaguar Mk7 Special is fitted with:

  • The superb 3.5-litre Jaguar straight six DOHC engine fed by twin SU carbs
  • Beautiful polished bulk head and polished cam covers
  • Manual Moss gear box Classic wire wheels with 6.50 R16 tyres Classic
  • Red aluminium Coachwork
  • Black leather interior with red deep pile carpets piped in black
  • Classic Smiths gauges
  • Chrome mirrors
  • Wind deflectors
  • Chrome front lamps
  • Badge bar with central spot lamp
  • Canvas hood
  • A super classic registration WSK 171
  • The MOT record shows 2,590 miles since 2006


The Jaguar Special has seating for two but comes with ample luggage capacity for a few days away. The cabin space has been well finished and is in good condition. It has the unique old car feel to it aswell.


  • Wire Wheels
  • Single hinged louvre bonnet
  • Chrome windscreen frame with side shields

From outside, this Jaguar Mk7 Special is a delightful sight. It looks every inch the traditional British sports-car. You’ll see from the gallery that the hood is in good condition and folds away very neatly complementing the flowing lines of the Special.

The paint work on the alloy bodied Jaguar looks in good condition. The chrome is in sound condition. The centre-piece is that magnificent grille, flanked by those huge headlamps.

The whole package looks very impressive with a road presence to match.

How does it drive

That is exactly what we were thinking. So we asked the question.

“It drives fantastic!” Tony responded without a moments pause“It has plenty of power to keep up with modern day traffic. The brakes are in good working order. They are of the period correct drum variety and therefore this has to be considered when driving. The braking system was restored in 2018 along with a number or perishable items such as hoses bushes etc.”

He continued. “You should be able to double de-clutch when driving. The twin carbs were balanced which has provided smooth driving. Keeping on top of rubber items that perish over time seems to be the key to reliability along with regular servicing greasing etc”

Bottom line

What a car! We fully expect the unique rarity value alone of this Jaguar Mk7 Special will encourage a diverse range of potential new owners to bid.

This is a fascinating, truly unique vehicle. It has had a documented, interesting life, including celebrity ownership. It’s also special because, as our vendor explains, it’s still a driver and something that you could use almost every day.

So many cars from this period become nothing more than show ponies. The thrill and pleasure that comes from driving special cars like these is sometimes overlooked. Our vendor would strongly urge you not to do that. Has gained immeasurable pleasure from owning and using the Special.

The passion with which this Special was built is still strong.  Bid, buy, drive and you will, we assure you, fall in love with it – if you haven’t already.

To the best of our knowledge, this car qualifies for Vintage Sports-Car Club eligibility (see note* below from vendor). The classic Special looks to be especially suited to various rallies.

As Tony has ably described, there are so many ways to enjoy this car, you won’t know where to begin. Good luck.

*VSCC cars constructed either before 1931, or, in certain cases, before 1961; or, with permission of the Committee, using a conglomeration of components from specified cars built before 1941. I cannot confirm as I have never applied and I have no documentation.*

Free Delivery! When it reaches its reserve and sells, our vendor has agreed to deliver the Jaguar Special anywhere in England or Wales, free! Currently, the Mk7 is tucked up nicely in storage in Southampton SO32.

Have a question about this Jaguar Mk7? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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