1953 MG TD *Sold £10,750*

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1953 MG TD *Sold £10,750*

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  • Matching Numbers
  • Very solid body as imported from dry US State
  • Electrics fully recommissioned
  • New Clutch
  • New Prop shaft
  • Recommissioned Brakes
  • This 1953 MG TD sold for £10,750
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  • Matching Numbers
  • Very solid body as imported from dry US State
  • Electrics fully recommissioned
  • New Clutch
  • New Prop shaft
  • Recommissioned Brakes

The MG TD Midget, announced in January 1950, combined the TC’s drivetrain, a modified hypoid-geared rear axle, the MG Y-type chassis, a familiar T-type style body and independent suspension on front axle using coil springs from the MG Y-type saloon: a 1950 road-test report described it as “most striking” the resulting “transformation … in the comfort of riding”.

The reference cited here was incorrect to infer the entire drive train was lifted from the TC, as along with the new hypoid differential, a completely different transmission was used (albeit also a four-speed). Also lifted from the company’s successful 1¼-litre saloon was the (still highly geared) rack and pinion steering.  In addition, the MG TD featured smaller 15-inch (380 mm) disc type road wheels, a left-hand drive option and standard equipment bumpers and over-riders. The car was also 5 inches (130 mm) wider with a track of 50 inches (1,300 mm).

Nearly 30,000 MG TDs had been produced, including about 1700 Mk II models, when the series ended in 1953 with all but 1656 exported, 23,488 of them to the US alone.


Our vendor purchased this lovely little MG TD in May 2021 with a view to spending time and money adding value and enjoying it, which he has managed to do in spades. We will come back to that further within this article.

Originally imported from Texas in the USA, with only one previous UK owner until purchased by our vendor.  As is so common with imported vehicles there was not too much paperwork imported with the car.  We do know it originally resided in Texas so is an extremely solid example.

It will be supplied with one set of keys, a workshop manual, a handful of receipts for the works carried out in the UK and its last MOT showing the mileage to be 87,846. Only around 50 miles have been added to it since it expired in December 2022.  Obviously, now MOT and Tax exempt our vendor has not been able to make the time to renew it, although considering it has only done around 50 miles since it last passed, he is extremely confident it will pass again should you decide to get a new one.


The quintessential English two-seater roadster was arguably a bigger hit with the US market than the UK and as such, most MG TDs were exported. Seventy years later this means that this classic little car has lasted the test of time. With this particular example enjoying life in the dry state of Texas, it has led to it being an extremely solid example, showing no signs of disintegrating from our salt laden roads and the copious amount of rain we seem to enjoy.

Our vendor has even gone on to share that he can see no evidence of rust anywhere, in fact he cannot find any evidence of filler work on the body either.

The bright red paintwork sets off the sweeping lines that the running boards give these wonderful T series cars, although this MG TD is stunning from 10 yards away a close-up inspection does show some dry areas in the paintwork. Alluding to the fact that the paintwork has possibly been applied by its very enthusiastic previous owner, or more likely the original importer.  Now don’t get us wrong it is not terrible, but it would be remiss to describe it as a professional paint job.  See for yourself within the image gallery, it’s a lovely, lovely car!

As with so many of these, the detachable windows, especially the leather surrounds, are in fantastic condition.  To be fair, they are rarely ever fitted such is the lack of inclination to drive these cars in the rain.  That said, the three bar, one hand operable, roof is also in fantastic condition so there is no reason not to in our opinion.  Clearly the said roof must have been replaced at some point in its recent history, most likely at the same time it was painted.

The brightwork is also in great condition with just some small areas of pitting that have no bearing whatsoever to this being a seventy-year-old car, again benefitting from being in a dry state for 99% of its life the brightwork is surprisingly good.


Slide into the surprisingly spacious interior of the MG TD and you will notice that the leather seats are showing no rips or tears anywhere. As with the rest of the car, you just cannot relate to the seats being seventy years old. Maybe at some time they have been recovered but there is no real evidence of that, just some slight ageing that can be treated with a little elbow grease and some leather conditioner. Lovely!

The carpet set is in decent nick but unfortunately does have the transmission tunnel section missing. With parts still easily available, including trim, that should not be too hard to replace.

Moving onto the dashboard, you will see from the images the indicator switch is missing the little light cap but that has no bearing on its operation and in fact all the exterior lights work as they should.  Our vendor did share that he has not got around to fixing the rev counter yet and currently that does not work, although that could be as simple as replacing the cable to the gearbox.

Other than those mentioned, all is well in our little MG TD’s cockpit.


The 1250 XPAG engine and original gearbox work wonderfully and on the turn of the key started second time after being stored for much of our vendors ownership.  In reality, the little XPAG engine is relatively simple and added to the attention our vendor has given it this was as to be expected.

Shortly after purchasing the MG TD our vendor commissioned KMJ Restorations to carry out a large selection of works which have been listed below for your reading pleasure.

Starting with an overhaul of the electrics that included replacing:

  • The Alternator
  • The Condenser
  • The Coil
  • HT Leads
  • Plugs and plug caps
  • Points

They also replaced the oil and cleaned the original oil and air filters.  Yes, that’s correct, it still even has its original “Cleanable” filters present.  It has also benefitted from the carbs being refurbished with all new gaskets, jets, plus all new rubber fuel lines and filters.

To add to the above, the documents show that they also installed a new clutch, replaced the prop shaft and serviced the brakes with new brake linings and cylinders being fitted.

There is also new rubber on all four corners of the vehicle and as previously mentioned, they have only seen the tarmac for 50 miles as they were fitted just prior to its last MOT

Phew! As you may have realised this is a very well sorted example that is showing no issues whatsoever. There is even a box of spares that will come with the car which includes: another coil, condenser, plugs, plug caps and leads, these were all purchased before deciding to commission KMJ Restorations and subsequently, were forgotten to be handed over prior to works being carried out.  Oops, all the better for our winning bidder.

In summary

The MG TD is an easy car to drive, with a conventional pedal layout and a familiar gearshift pattern, and really, despite its age, it’s no more intimidating than an MGB but with bags more character.

Possibly, it could benefit from a respray should you insist on owning a concours example or just to turn it into a show car.  But like we said previously, it looks great as it is and is ready to enjoy with oodles of confidence knowing that so much has been sorted by our conscientious vendor.

Good luck bidding.

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