1956 Norton Dominator 88 Cafe Racer *Sold £6,800*

MODELDominator 88
COLOURBlack & Red

1956 Norton Dominator 88 Cafe Racer *Sold £6,800*

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  • Alloy tank
  • Dunstall Megaphone exhausts
  • Alloy rims
  • Rebuilt during 2020
  • Original transferable registration
  • This 1956 Norton Dominator sold for £6,800
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  • Alloy tank
  • Dunstall Megaphone exhausts
  • Alloy rims
  • Rebuilt during 2020
  • Original transferable registration

Not all bikes are created equal. Owning a Norton is a little like joining an exclusive club. These are not Japanese mass, mass-produced bikes shipped from huge factories. A British built, gorgeous piece of machinery and a proper piece of history. Is there anything  quite like them?


The Norton Dominator was Norton’s response to the very successful Triumph Speed Twin. When it was introduced in 1949, the 500cc Norton was a handsome enough machine. Bert Hopwood who had worked on the Speed Twin project while working for Triumph Motorcycles designed the Norton too.

As a first option, Norton opted to put the new twin engine in the old single frame. Norton borrowed the frame from the ES2, it became a low-volume, hand-built bike. This stuck the new Norton Dominator with a high price relative to the competition at the time.

So, Norton’s legacy of twins got off to a bit of a slow start. The stone-age frame survived until the mid Fifties. Then everything changed. Along came the legendary Featherbed frame.

Two brothers, Rex and Cromie McCandless, offered Norton a new frame to support their successful 500cc race single. They’d made numerous developments to their successful race bike, notably an innovative new frame with a swinging arm fitted with vertical hydraulic shock absorbers. Norton spotted the real opportunity and signed them straight up.

The McCandless’ ultimate end product sign was expensive. It took over forty feet of the best Reynolds steel tubing, in a welded twin loop with a swinging arm fitted with their own type of shock absorbers.

The testing was done at the Isle of Man. It went very well. Tester Harry Daniels, a successful Isle of Man TT racer with three victories and several placings in the Tourist Trophy got off the new bike and said it was like “riding on a featherbed”.

The Dominator was instantly transformed into a world class road warrior. The Featherbed was truly in a class of it’s own. The 500 twin with the revolutionary Featherbed frame made such a massive leap forward that it became a whole new model, the Norton Dominator 88.  The one we have here is one of the last models.


Aesthetically the Model 88 in Café Racer mode is a real head turner. We are told by our knowledgeable vendor Ian, who has carried out a lot of work, much of it during the lockdown of 2020, that everything is in good order.

Get up close and as you can see from our Image Gallery there is cosmetic room for improvement, if you wanted to. On a bike built in 1956, we’d question whether or not that was the thing to do. But the option is there for you.

The alloy tank is the feature that your eyes are drawn to, and it looks smashing.

At the front and rear are Norton alloy mudguards, very nice too. Sitting on top is the one-piece seat and rear seat cowl.

Albeit the top yoke could be polished, if you wanted to, the pointy end of the Norton Dominator has that characterful cluster of grips, levers and quality gauges, both speedo and rev counter.

The wheels are alloy rims and stainless steel spokes and all are in good condition and featured as part of the lockdown overhaul project.

At the heart of the Norton Dominator 88 was an engine that was so ‘right’, back then.

The Bert Hopwood-designed engine was a 497cc vertical twin with 360-degree crank, central flywheel & 2-piece conrods with shell-type plain bearings. One chain-driven camshaft sat high in the crankcase just ahead of the cylinder block. The pushrods passed through a tunnel between the cylinders, operating rocker arms.

All the other rotating bits and bobs were contained behind that distinctive “Y” shaped polished alloy timing chest.

Dropping a Norton 500cc twin into a Featherbed Frame was innovative. It produced the Norton Dominator 88. The 88 back then was the best-handling production motorcycle on earth! It dominated racing both on the street & the track for the next decade. That is just one of many reasons why they were so sought after back in the day. Norton simply could not build them fast enough. Commercially that meant low numbers kept production costs high.

They were a rare sight on the streets, but we all wanted one.

Bottom line

The Norton Dominator is an even rarer sight today.

We always like the voice of our vendors to be heard, not just in the article we write, which is driven by them, but in their own words too.

Ian is a vendor of few words,

Here is my Dom 88 Cafe Racer. It was converted during 1st year of lockdown. It has a number of upgrades, Jones alloy rims, swept back Dunstall Megaphone exhausts, chromed swing arm, alloy tank, clip-ons, black rubber gaiters on Roadholder forks, rev counter and speedo… plus 2 new tyres – all for the best Café Racer image! The mudguards are alloy. It has the single seat. The Dom is excellent running order. The bike’s original registration of JRN 749 is transferable and there’s also a Haynes manual to go with the bike.”

Soul, character, emotion. This is what motorcycling is all about. And good mates. And brilliant runs with good mates.

The small build numbers and high man-power input meant relatively high asking prices for Nortons as opposed to the mass produced oriental stuff. This was more justified with its resale value.

That still works today. Perhaps more so because you are owning a little piece of history. These are rare and command high prices. This one here to sell, not just be advertised.

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