1962 Morris Minor Van *SOLD*

MODELMinor Van

1962 Morris Minor Van *SOLD*


  • First registered 2nd Feb 1962
  • Dry stored from 1969 – 2009
  • Photographic record of rebuild
  • 29,000 miles believed to be genuine
  • Many original features retained
  • This 1962 Morris Minor Van sold for £12,200
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  • First registered 2nd Feb 1962
  • Dry stored from 1969 – 2009
  • Photographic record of rebuild
  • 29,000 miles believed to be genuine
  • Many original features retained

Back in the day, the Morris Minor van was pretty much part of the furniture on every street corner in Britain. They were as lush as leaves in a forest. Whether it was a one-man business, an expanding small business or huge sprawling taxpayer-owned companies such as the GPO, people could not get enough of these marvellous vans.

The features that made them so popular then still remain today. The added value is the enduring charm and fun factor – a Morris Minor in van form, what’s not to love!

Their appeal is widespread. As a stand-alone classic to own and enjoy. As a cheap runabout. Or even to advertise and market your business, and they are great value.

This is an opportunity to own one that someone else has done all the hard work on so you can just jump in and enjoy.


  • An original UK home market van
  • First registered as an agricultural vehicle
  • Stored away for around four decades
  • Rebuilt and ready to use


  • Professional rebuild
  • Photographic history
  • New front wings
  • Rear door skins
  • New floor

As you can see for yourself, the images in the Gallery give a good idea of the standard of fit and finish. The Sky Blue paintwork works well on the Morris Minor van’s panels. The minimal brightwork, mirrors, door handles, bonnet chrome all look good. The painted steel wheels complete with Morris hub caps complete the period look. The whole package hangs together rather well, in our view.

There are no gaudy graphics applied to the cute little Minor van, so it is literally a blank canvas to do whatever the new owner fancies.


Given the passage to time there isn’t reams and reams of paperwork. But there are some interesting items in the history folder including:

  • Original Buff Log Book
  • Some previous MOTs
  • Numerous images of the rebuild

We understand after the Minor van was discovered in 2009, the rebuild was completed and the van was sold in 2013. That owner kept it, we think, until around 2021, then our vendor acquired it. Lack of use now prompts the current sale.

We are further given to understand the Minor Van was first registered as an agricultural vehicle. That fact and knowing it was stored for 40 years leads him to a strong sense that the mileage is actually correct. As we always say, without documentary evidence, bidders will have to draw their own conclusions and make their own enquiries. Please also note that the van’s registration 9 SKO is not transferrable.


Whatever use the Minor van had prior to the rebuild, which appears to have been not very much, what we can see now is a very presentable classic that hasn’t seen much use recently.

Some lovely original touches remain.

  • The rare three spoke wired steering wheel
  • Very nice tan-coloured front seats
  • Windows in the rear doors
  • Good condition door cards
  • Partially, newly boarded load section

The simple, straightforward chrome architecture on the doors all look too shiny and new to be original, but the new parts add to the appeal, along with the period door pull straps.

The rear load space is in very good condition. We do often see these battered and bruised. This one looks almost pristine and looks to have been very lightly used.


The mechanical bits and bobs did not escape attention during the rebuild. This is just what we know of, we suspect there is quite a bit more that has been done.

  • New petrol pump
  • Dynamo
  • Control box
  • Hoses
  • Handbrake cables

Anyone popping the bonnet and taking a cursory glance at the engine will notice a few things.

The engine bay, looks clean, oil free and very tidy. There is evidence of more new parts. But these have been wonderfully mixed-in with a host of original features, such as air filter, SU Carb, green rocker cover etc. Again it all comes together terribly well. Retaining period features not only add charm and character, but value as well.

The bottom line

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable 1960s classic, a lovely period retro van, or terrific piece of marketing to promote your business, this little Morris Minor van covers all angles.

As you can see for yourself it is a real head turner.

When they were new these Minor Vans were popular solid work-horses. That simplicity and robustness has made them enduring collectable classic 60 years on.

The market today presents these in two ways. The first option is ‘projects’ which you can easily sink a small fortune into. Just remember, whatever budget you start with, we all know that usually doubles.

The other option is a smart, well sorted Morris Minor van that someone else has sunk a small fortune into. This one is reserved very sensible – to sell. We know which option we’d plump for.

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Vehicle Location: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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s**********a £7,000.00 2022-11-04 12:57:43
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s****************************m £2,000.00 2022-10-29 10:26:13
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