1968 Triumph Herald-Project *SOLD*


1968 Triumph Herald-Project *SOLD*

  • Appears to have been completely stripped and rebuilt
  • Many original features
  • A characterful, useable summer classic
  • Full of charm, practicality and DIY simplicity
  • This 1968 Triumph Herald-Project sold for £4,000
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  • Appears to have been completely stripped and rebuilt
  • Many original features
  • A characterful, useable summer classic
  • Full of charm, practicality and DIY simplicity

In October 1967 the successful Triumph Herald range was extended and the Herald 13/60 convertible was launched. The front end styling mirrored that of the Vitesse. The interior was updated.  The engine was enlarged to 1,296cc and fitted with Stromberg CD150 carburettor, giving the little Herald a sprightly 61 bhp, offering peppy performance.


As the Standard 8 and 10 models came to an end, Triumph knew it needed a new model. Triumph turned to Italian stylist Michelotti. He came up with a car bristling with style. The decision was made that the classic Herald should have a separate chassis and body. The main body was bolted on and the whole front end hinged forward. Every panel,  including the sills and roof, could be unbolted from the car. The Herald gave birth to both the Spitfire and GT6.


The updated interior of this later model Triumph Herald is as it should be and very period. Convertibles like this, with the fold flat roof, have the massive benefit of seating four in comfort. Plus the Michelotti design is so stylish they are being snapped up, as survivors like this one are becoming scarce.

  • The wooden dash is in place
  • Chrome three spoke steering wheel with wooden rim.
  • All four seats are in a good state
  • One seat has a small tear at the rear
  • The Smiths gauges look to have been refurbished at some time or could be new old stock
  • Carpets are fine
  • Small details such as original sun visors are in place
  • Door cards and quarter panel finishings are original and in good condition

Nice and rare original touches, such as the original sun visors and chrome hinges are in place and in good condition.


The simplicity of design and easy access makes this a classic car fans dream. This is what we know.

  • This Herald appears to have been completely stripped and rebuilt at some point
  • The Hood looks new-ish
  • The clear plastic rear screen and quarter windows are very good
  • The chassis and major areas of concerns are all “rot free”
  • Aluminium bumpers and other brightwork all look good, if a little careworn in places
  • Original badges
  • Good condition original hubcaps – try to find these!
  • Images show condition of the chassis and sills
  • Door frames and drain holes have been photographed, they look good.
  • The one piece front-end is usually prone to corrosion, this one is in particularly good order

Whoever re-built the Herald was clearly full of enthusiasm, but lacked a little attention to detail! The last five percent of fit and finish is lacking. Consequently, the drivers door needs some fettling to get it to close as it should and some of the panel gaps are inconsistent.

Our vendor meant to “get around to doing it” but just hasn’t had time. Consequently, the delightful little Herald has been languishing, unloved, in the corner of his workshop, alongside some other little projects/things to do.

Engine and Mechanicals

We went to view this car and the collection of other eclectic classic cars around it.

  • After sitting unloved for goodness knows how long, it started first time, we were as surprised as our vendor
  • Clean solid battery tray
  • Engine looks clean and dry
  • Some nice original features
  • New coil fitted
  • New battery
  • Original air filter

A short video shows the engine running, with no knocks, whines or rattles. Despite being thrashed to within an inch of its life by our Sarah!

Our view

This convertible classic Triumph Herald is full of charm as well as being very practical. Admired for its easiness to live with, reliability and style. They’re dead simple to maintain and practical enough to use as a daily driver

Unlike a lot of similar cars, we would say this has excellent “bones” and is incredibly rust free and solid.

A quick check of the MOT records shows in 2018 the mileage was 4,368, it is now 4,621. Was the gap between now and then when the overhaul was carried out?

Our vendor, Geoff has had this Herald for a couple of years. It just needs some time and love spent on fettling and reassembling it. Then take the time to enjoy and have bags of fun with it.

It needs to go now. Our vendor values the space more than he does the Herald. Someone is going to grab a bargain.


Vehicle Location: West Sussex RH12– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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