1970 Land Rover Series 2A Pick-up

MAKELand Rover
MODELSeries 2A Pick-up
LOCATIONPeterborough PE6

1970 Land Rover Series 2A Pick-up

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  • 88” SWB Pick up
  • Fully restored
  • Pastel Green
  • Updated engine
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  • 88” SWB Pick up
  • Fully restored
  • Pastel Green
  • Updated engine

Have you ever wondered what a fresh Land Rover Series 2A looked like when it left the factory? Well take a look at this one and you’ll find out. Described to us have having a ‘ground-up’ restoration. It looks like everything has been covered with no split-pin left unsplit.

The legendary Land Rover Series 2 was first released in 1958 at the Amsterdam Motor Show, improving on the decade-old Series I model first released in 1948 at the same event.

The Series 2 featured, amongst other things, a redesigned bodyshell with a curved shoulder line, that rounded roof and best of all, those wrap-around rear windows.

Many Land Rover fans assert that the Series 2A is one of the ‘best’ models. With the various improvements, they are certainly one of the most popular all-rounder Land Rovers.


  • First registered 1 October 1970
  • Chassis Number 24140174 G
  • 88” SWB Pick up
  • Owned by our vendor since 2014
  • This Land Rover Series 2A has had comprehensive long-term restoration
  • Cambelt replaced
  • Recent full service


  • Pristine interior condition
  • New seats
  • New headlining
  • New alloy door trims and cargo nets
  • Alloy chequer plate in footwells

Open the door to the truck cab and you’re met with an interior that has been retrimmed and repainted to a high standard. It looks even better than factory fresh.

The rebuild has clearly had a great deal of thought and attention, not to mention expense. Attention to detail is all important. We often see that the small details that make a difference between a good restoration and a stunning one are overlooked. Not in this case. Even down to the different coloured gear lever knobs.

Original touches such as the chassis plate are thoughtfully blended with nods to modernity such as centre arm rests and cup holders. Overall, it’s a delight inside.


We understand the mechanical items – brakes, suspension, steering, etc, were included in the thorough overhaul.

The original Land Rover Series 2A was fitted with 2.25 litre petrol engine. The 50s designed engine was okay. It began to get a touch wheezy by the time the 1970s arrived. And to be fair, they struggle even more today.

As another nod to modernity this one was cleverly fitted with a later Land Rover engine much lauded when it was used in the Defender: the 200 TDi.

The 200 TDi unit transformed the Defender. The engine is a 2.5-litre unit. It is fitted with a modern alloy cylinder head, improved turbocharging, intercooling and direct injection. Durability was added retaining quite a few parts from its tried and trusted predecessor, the 19J turbo, including the engine block, crankshaft, bearings and cambelt. This makes parts easily available too.

Of course, its biggest strength is the massive power increase – up nearly 25%. The improvement means keeping up with modern traffic, cruising at high speed on the motorway or towing heavy loads is nice and easy.

It will not make the tiny 1% of purists happy, but for those of us that want a reliable, well performing, fully restored Land Rover Series 2A, it will be bring a big smile to our faces. The upgrade is a masterstroke.


  • New floors
  • New door tops
  • New lamps
  • An invoice for over £7,000 detailing some of the work
  • Originally blue
  • Repainted in Pastel Green
  • Ivory roof panel

It would be easier to say what hasn’t been done. The best thing to do is look in the Gallery and you’ll see for yourself how wonderful this Land Rover Series 2A looks.


The best Land Rover Series 2A on the market right now? We’re hesitant to say that. But we’d be confident to say this Series 2A is definitely one of the best you’ll find right now.

Talk to any Land Rover enthusiast and you’ll find a firmly held view that the Series 2 and subsequent 2A are the best of the Land Rovers.  Between the early Series 1 in 1948 and the Series 2A in 1961, the original Land Rover vastly improved. 1969-1970 was the peak year for Land Rover production. with over 60,000 made. Around 70% went for export. Series 2As are relatively rare now.

It’s very unusual to find one that has had the attention this one has had. The end result speaks for itself.

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