1971 Morris Minor Traveller *SOLD*

MODELMinor Traveller

1971 Morris Minor Traveller *SOLD*

  • Comprehensive body restoration
  • New wood frame
  • Original red leather interior
  • Registered new 1 March 1971
  • One of the final Travellers produced
  • This 1971 Morris Minor Traveller sold for £9,000
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  • Comprehensive body restoration
  • New wood frame
  • Original red leather interior
  • Registered new 1 March 1971
  • One of the final Travellers produced

The Morris Minor is one of those classics that simply oozes a feeling of Britishness.  Along with being a smile-inducing piece of nostalgia, it makes one of the most perfect classic cars.

Another iconic model from the mastermind Issigonis, the prototype was codenamed the “Mosquito” and the immensely successful Morris Minor made its debut at the Earls Court motor show in 1948.

The Morris Traveller, available from 1952, was an instant hit and is as popular today as it was when it was launched. According to data from the National Motor Museum Trust, the last Traveller was produced in April 1971.


  • Our vendor, Vince, acquired this on 25 August 2015
  • He drove it from Faversham in Kent back to his home in Scotland
  • Vince told us, “It didn’t miss a beat”.
  • After about six months he decided to carry out an extensive restoration
  • It went off for the body to be professionally rebuilt
  • The mechanicals were overhauled by a separate classic car specialist
  • Photographs of the engine-out resto are on file
  • Large file of invoices available


Our vendor readily admits he has lost a little bit of track of everything that was done and how much. We won’t dwell on that! Invoices are in the file for the lucky new owner to pore over.

  • Body resto detailing work done – £3,500
  • Full new wood kit
  • New front wings
  • Rear arches
  • Body resto and full repaint
  • New wing mirrors
  • Various invoices come from recognised specialist such as Charles Ware Ltd, etc.

Images are in the gallery of the end result. We think it looks like one of the nicest Travellers we’ve seen in a while.


There is some genuine authenticity about this Morris Traveller:

  • The red leather seats are original
  • Original door cards
  • Headlining is original
  • Additional oil, temperature and voltage gauges fitted

Have a look at the Gallery. We checked and double checked. And yes, we are told all the above is original. With the exception of those smart gauges, which is nice touch in our view. Being able to keep an eye of water temp, oil pressure and battery is great bonus on any classic, even rock-solid reliable ones like Morris Travellers

We didn’t get an opinion on the carpets. But they do look fine. As does the rear load space. Vince told us that the seat belts are new.

He also told us that one of the jobs he keeps meaning to get around to is replacing the gear lever gaiter, which has a has a split in it. That is a now a little job for the lucky new owner. We might also tackle the age related wear to the drivers seat. But then again, we might not.


  • The engine and gear box were removed and installed as part of the resto
  • A new clutch has been fitted
  • Front and rear wheel cylinders replaced, along with brake linings
  • New Stainless-Steel exhaust
  • Engine mounts
  • Tie bar buses

The file that comes with the Morris Traveller details much more.

The BMC A-Series 1098cc engine is a legend in its own right. Solid, reliable, dead simple to work on if needed. The 1098 engines have eagerness about them. For a small unit, they pull strongly so you can soon be cruising along with an at 50-60mph if not more! Other drivers will be waving and smiling which is a major distraction, but enjoy it.

Additional info

We’ll leave the last word to our vendor.

The Morris Traveller is beautiful to drive. When I bought her, I took the train down to Faversham, then drove her home. That is about 700 miles. She easily keeps up with traffic. She is nippy and you’ll have to watch out. Where I live the limits are 60mph, I often have to be careful I don’t go over. The Traveller is practical too. Recently I had to dismantle a park bench. It all went in the back. I am always being stopped in it. Everywhere I go I get comments and a crowd. I never take her out in the rain.”

In Summary

“Unbeatable classic charm” sums up this marvellous Morris Traveller.

The evergreen appeal of the Morris Traveller is down to its combination of charm, usability and affordability. And of course, it is probably one of the most and popular British cars ever built.

The condition this one is in and the very sensible reserve that is set, we anticipate that this one will be extremely popular.

Vehicle Location: Brodie, Morayshire IV6– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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