1973 Lancia Flavia 2000 (Berlina) PLUS Donor Car

MODELFlavia 2000 Berlina & Donor Car
LOCATIONColchester, Essex CO6

1973 Lancia Flavia 2000 (Berlina) PLUS Donor Car

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  • LHD
  • Imported from Verona
  • Many original features
  • Stunning interior
  • Brilliant Boxer engine
  • Interesting ownership
  • One former owner
  • With our vendor for the last 7 years and little used
  • The sale includes TWO Lancia Fulvias
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  • LHD
  • Imported from Verona
  • Many original features
  • Stunning interior
  • Brilliant Boxer engine
  • Interesting ownership
  • One former owner
  • With our vendor for the last 7 years and little used
  • The sale includes TWO Lancia Fulvias

Niki Lauda and James Hunt are Formula One legends. Their rivalry was just as famous. The film, Rush, depicting the duo’s battles was released in 2013. When a young Niki Lauda lands in Marenello, three young, excited Italian fans ask their idol Niki to drive their car. It was a Lancia 2000.

There’s no other classic quite like the Lancia 2000. It’s an intermingling of style, performance, practicality, alongside brilliant engineering. The Lancia 2000 is only truly appreciated by those few people in the know, otherwise it’s effectively disregarded in wider circles. But if you know, you know.

This Lancia still looks superb five decades later. It remains great fun to drive and easy to maintain, which is why it’s worth finding a good one. And in this case, a spare one thrown in for good measure. Take a look at the Lancia donor car video HERE.


To the uninitiated the model has something of an identity crisis. Is it a Fiat, is a Lancia, a Flavia, a 2000, a Berlina or all of the above.

Fifty years ago, Lancia unveiled its last independently designed car. Fiat swallowed up Lancia in October 1969. For die-hard fans, it was the end of an era. The Flavia was the final classic designed by Lancia. The Flavia was also one of the most delightful sports saloons of the 1970s. So we agree with the die-hards.

The original Flavia was introduced in 1961 It was ground breaking. The first-ever Italian front-wheel-drive production car. The power plant was an all-alloy 1.5 litre 4-cylinder ‘Boxer’ unit.

After a facelift in 1969 it was available in 2-litre form. Once the giant Fiat subsumed the tiny Lancia, they changed the badge to 2000 and dropped the Flavia name, rationalising the line-up around 1971.

We understand:

  • The first owner was a well know pastry company in Verona. The owner was a minor celebrity chef in his day. There is reference in the file
  • A dealer purchased the Lancia
  • Our vendor was the next owner


Lancia didn’t have a flagship model, so the 2000 was devised to appeal to the Italian upper classes, even though the Italians didn’t have a class system.

To push the envelope, Lancia chucked the kitchen sink, marked ‘options list’, at the top or the range model.

This Lancia Flavia comes with;

  • Power steering
  • Velour trim
  • Curtains for the rear window.

Take a look at the dash board. It should be set as GSCE homework for design students. Those square dials nestling behind the wood rimmed two-spoke steering wheel looks a picture. The black soft top crash-pad is crack free. Move on to the door pads and who would have thought, ivory coloured door handles with chrome inserts with avocado green trim would work. On paper it doesn’t. In real life, it is pure art deco and all in fine original condition. Delightful. The chestnut brown carpets provide the perfect contrast. And who thought of cup holders in the footwells!


The style continues.

Delicate chrome windscreen scuttle vents do battle with chunky push-button exterior door handles. White indicator lenses, before they were common place, contrast well with orange side repeater lamps and those exquisite rear lamps that gently embrace the rear quarter panels. Then there is that front end. Quads headlamps set flush within two half-section outer grills, dominated by that iconic Lancia centre section. It looks every inch a racing car. No surprise Niki Lauda jumped in it.

With the exception of some aging, the chrome is all good.

This Lancia Flavia is a beautiful mature classic, in wonderful condition. The Verona climate from where this Lancia was imported has clearly helped, as has a careful owner since 2016 in the UK.


This is where it gets even better. Because you buy one – and get one free!

  • 2.0-litre flat four ‘Boxer’ engine
  • 115bhp
  • Five speed gearbox
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Independent suspension
  • Disc brakes all around with vacuum assist and split-circuits

The Lancia Flavia has clearly been used sparingly. We suspect it was tucked away with the other classics you see in one of the images in the Gallery. The speedo reading in 2016 was 22,496km. Today it reads 23,037km.


By any measure of ‘rare’ this is a rather rare classic. You definitely will not see another as you queue endlessly to get into the NEC classic car show. As you can see from the Dealer sticker in the rear window, this one came from Verona. The warm sunny climate has done wonders for the preservation of it. This is what Classic Car said about the Lancia,

“It is a true driver’s car; one that responds to your every command, with a beautifully flexible engine, a cosseting ride, responsive brakes, precise steering and a 5-speed floor change that urges you to use the 2000 as any true Lancia should”.

Wherever you go, you are bound to draw a small posse of interested admirers. But if you know, you know. Good luck bidding.

Ps – Don’t forget you’ll need a trailer to pick the spare that comes with this superb Lancia Flavia.

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